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Yes..."When You Were With Me" is a very good song that I'm glad I got to hear live in Cleveland. Maybe on their second tour around the country (how do you like that positive thinking Darlene?) they will add some new things like:

1. Some of their solo material

2. Some brand new material

3. More classic razz stuff that needs to be done live again (I Can Hardly Believe You're Mine)

4. Different covers (like Locomotion)

Then a release of a live CD, DVD and new CD with new material. Am I hoping for too much?

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OKAY, OKAY... What is all this talk of "When You Were With Me" ? I am ashamed to say that I never heard it and feel like I am missing out on something. Is this available on a CD? What album is it from ? Where do I find it ? I can't believe I missed one of their songs.....Somebody help me out here.........PLEASE !!!

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When You Were With Me was a song written by Wally back in 1967 and recorded by the Choir. The only place I know that it can be found is on a CD called "Choir Practice". It is available on the Raspberries Reunion Mechandise page. Included is "It's Cold Outside and other songs written by both Wally and Dave.

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Diane, It's a great cd. You'll love it.

Craig, One can *never* hope for too much! (If I'm going to dream, I'm going for it all!) And, if while you're hoping, you truly believe it will happen, it *will.* New music on the second tour? Try believing new music being written somewhere along the way during the *first* one. And by the way, isn't the new version of IWBWY breathtaking?

smile --Darlene

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Tony, when the boys do "It's Cold Outside" it just blows the doors out of the place...it's a million times better than that recording. And "When You Were With Me" is so haunting and beautiful. You could say it's Wally's "Cindy in the Wind" (assuming you have heard that). I think back in the '60s, Eric and Wally were both moved to write something in the vein of "Walk Away Renee"...something about being haunted by the memory of a past love that just won't go away. "Cindy in the Wind" was Eric's attempt; "When You Were With Me" was Wally's. Both are just gorgeous, gorgeous songs, and have the power to make you cry because no matter who you are, you know the feeling, and you know who you feel it about.

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