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1) The guys smiled as much as we did.

2) Wally has an incredibly supportive family.

3) Dave is still 22.

4) Jim hasn't missed a beat.

5) In Wally's next life he'll be a comedian

6) HOB was great (special thanks to Laura)

7) Native Clevelanders really loved The Choir

8) Native Clevelanders love to rock

9) This message board has really great people, spouses, kids, and friends.

10) In Bernie's next life he'll be a film editor (nice job on the video, B!)

11) Eric can do it all...and man! he does it all incredibly well.

12) Those guys can still play!

13) I don't think the show could have have sounded better (except maybe Eric's piano...my only nit)

14) I flew to Cleveland with fellow New Jerseyites Bernie, his wife Kathy, and Dennis Ferrante (engineer for the 'Berries' first 3 albums). Dennis' stories are incredible. He was totally psyched for the concert. Hadn't seen the band since the 70's. He put this as the 3rd most exciting time in his life, right behind the birth of his kids and working with John Lennon. We sat together at the show and I know for a fact that he was not disappointed.

15) None of us were!

16) I'm still smiling!


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I'm new posting here but was at the show with my wife who's a regular here..."Razzy"/Paula. My best observation was the great people we met. We didn't go to the pre-concert reception, but met alot of you up in the balcony. I wish we could have met you all. But what a great bunch from this board. You fans are the best and made this happen. I can see why my wife has been coming here since the web site started. You all deserve a big thanks, along with the band of course. Thanks for making our visit special.

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LobsterLvr, What does it say about New Jersey, that you and I live 15 minutes away from each other, but we had to go to Weekend at Bernie's and even CLEVELAND to meet??!! All things Razz (and playing violin) are a refreshing retreat from my hectic life as a public school string specialist.

smile --Darlene

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