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Concert photos from HOB!!!


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No, not the Berries.... but, I shot some photos last night at the HOB for Rosavelt. Wally's son Jesse plays in the band. He is the one with the hat. It was very smokie. The drummer disappeared into the fog when the spots weren't on him... so I apologize to him for not getting more! Stay tuned, if all goes well, there may be some Raspberrie photos Friday night late!

The link to look at the pics is


Go to Rock&Roll and then Rosavelt.

PS... ran across a nice fellow at the Holiday Inn Express. Never know who you'll see. And I'll see him Friday night, I bet!

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I was cleared for these. Security is "wanding" folks as they come in. I guess the concern is selling shots. They don't want the artists deprived of their potential income off sales of legit shots/posters etc. I fully believe if your flash goes off, they will seek you out. Security doesn't want anyone even using the cell phone cameras, but as long as the flash isn't going off they aren't likely to bother you. They figure no one is likely to try to sell too many cell phone shots. For anyone shooting existing light, the lighting is not all that bright. I used an ISO of 1600 and got a 30th of a sec at f2.8 to about f5.6... so, I didn't have much room for error.

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