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Stand up and take a bow


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When Raspberries come to NYC there won't be a radio station, newspaper, or tv station that won't know about the event. I can guarantee all of us in metroNY will do everything we can, from phone calls to holding up posters at the Today Show, to get the word out. In fact, at this very moment I'm sewing my SUPER BERRYMAN costume that I plan to wear in Times Square every night until the show sells out.


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Marvin and everyone,

Thanks for mentioning it, but (and I'm sure my buddy Gina would agree) I know everyone here would have made the same efforts we did if the show was in your town.

It's the very least I could have done for the band after all the fabulous musical moments they have given me over the years.

I thought the night was perfect, but I hope the band gives Gina and I the chance to promote another show this summer with much more advance notice.

Don't know if anybody noticed, but I was standing in the front row, literally a couple of feet from Wally, when he and Eric were talking about how they loved Chicago. I shouted "then, come back" and Wally smiled and responded into the microphone, "oh, we WILL come back."

Hope that is a good sign for the future!

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My "Raspberries Play Chicago" message on the Marshall Crenshaw message board had 300 hits. Obviously, no way to tell how many people read the post and attended, or maybe told a friend and they went to the concert.

I'm sure Marvin's, Pat's and other people's posts on other message boards contributed to the great showing. A testament to the power of the internet.

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