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Raspberries Drummer Jim Bonfanti

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Öcan still create great EXCITEMENT when seated behind his drum kit, but what does he do in his spare time? Why, curl up with a good book, of course.

My co-author Ken Sharp got the opportunity to tool around Lake Erie with Jim and his wife, Barb, on their aptly named boat after our autograph signing session with Eric. Me? I missed the boat (haha) and was stuck lugging those books back to Jersey.


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You can also check out that 'celeb' Ken Sharp on VH1's awesome new special, 'When KISS Ruled The World'. As some of you may know, Ken is a well-known Kisstorian and has covered the band since the 70's. You can check out another great read, Kiss: Behind The Mask that he co-wrote with David Leaf. Paul

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Great picture of the Berry Boat. Boy do those windows look great. What a tint job !!!! Hey we tinted those windows ! The same week my company tinted Jims boat we detailed Erics Porsche as well !! I was rolling that week. My crew thought I was crazy. I stayed till midnight as I laid out Erics car myself. Put Boxers cd on and went to town with my buffer. What a cool week !!! Hey Eric did you like that deep gloss on your car ?

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