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Lets get Eric's guitar for Bernie!!!


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In November Eric's guitar as all the others will be auctioned off at the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. How about if we all chip in and put down a few dollars to bid on it for Bernie? Can you think of any one else who deserves it more? !!!

He has done a tremendous job on this web site for all of us. A lot of work, he calls it love, went into this site for the benefit of us all. I'll start with $ 50.00. Any one else want to get on it?

Let me know!!

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ok: That would be GREAT if we could really pull it off. Heaven knows what amount this guitar will go for -- it's gorgeous. I would definitely contribute for such a fantastic cause. I would LOVE to see Bernie have it (if I couldn't!) Of course JuliaAllByMyself in London would stay up for WEEKS to bid on it first! Right, Julia? --Darlene

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Ok Darlene. We are on our way!!! Its seems like you are a regular on the site. Who do we get to put this together? How about if we start with pledges first to see if there is enough interest to get this thing going ?

The bid could be high but if we stick together and don't bid against each other we eliminated alot of bidders, don't you think?

Maybe we could even raise the money with an auction of Eric stuff we own or an 'on line'garage sale.. Hey I don't know I'm just throwing out ideas...but I do know Bernie deserves it.

This site is always updated with any and all material related to Eric and The 'Berries. Just an unbelievable job. Its time for a thank you and pat on the back for Bernie. Lets ALL get involved Come on, come on, yeah!!!

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I'd LOVE to own Eric's guitar, but I think it is a dream beyond my reach (mind you, I said that to myself about ever meeting Eric). I believe it should go to a good, deserving home, so I agree that Bernie should be the proud owner. It is definitely one of the best guitars there (if not the best in my eyes) and will raise quite a lot for charity. I'm not sure how the auction at the Rock Hall will be run, it may be easier for one of us to be there in person to do the bidding. We need to do a lot of research. If Bernie was lucky enough to own it, EC fans will be able to see it at his and Kathy's next "Eric Fans Party'! By the way, the votes for it seem to be going down, rather than up, despite voting for it every day. We can't let it drop below third place! Everybody ~ get voting!!

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Hey everyone-- I really do appreciate you thinking of me...and as they say, it's the thought that counts.

A couple of things to consider here: these guitars are HUGE! (Maybe if we had one of those designers from "Trading Spaces," they could work it into the decor?)

The starting bid on Eric's guitar is $3500. That's a steep price to pay for something that'll probably only see the light of day once a year at the annual EricCarmen.com get together.

Now, I'm not saying it wouldn't be fun making that drive from Cleveland to New Jersey with that big ol' Stratocaster hanging out the back, but...

smilie --Bernie

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