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Color photo, Rasp Rollswagen


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I've seen photos of the Raspberries Rollswagen that was given away by Capitol Records in 1973 before, but I don't remember ever seeing a color photo of it --- found this online: http://www.showrods.com/kustom_cars_1/raspberries_sticker.html

Pages 129 to 133 of Bernie and Ken's "Marathon Man" tell the car's story pretty well --- but I'd love to know what all the guys said when they learned Jim Bonfanti had been named "Foxiest Raspberry" in that contest by the voters in Star magazine (love to know the experiences of the car winner as they drove that car around town with its collection of 8-track tapes, too).

Since George Barris created two of the cars (one for the Capitol giveaway), I wonder what became of the second one that he took around to car shows, according to the book.

Don smile

...now wondering if Bernie doesn't have the second car and plans on auctioning it in the next "garage sale" on Ebay...

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I've often wondered what the scene in Raspberriesland was like when the news came in that Jim Bonfanti was named "The Foxiest Raspberry" in that Star magazine poll --- I bet there was some gentle "razzing" going on amid the calls for a recount of the ballots? What a great moment that must have been for Jim.

Don ;-)

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