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Weekend At Bernie's 5-0 LIVE WABcam!


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As a shy person by nature,I changed my mind about attending WAB5 at least a dozen times,right up to Friday night.Something told me everything would be alright and I wouldn't feel awkward,so I went.How was I to know how warm and friendly Bernie and Kathy were,opening their beautiful home to someone they never met.After being there for 20 minutes,everyone made me feel as if we were old friends.A humble "thank you" to everyone,especially our gracious hosts,and I am in your debt.My wife freaked when I handed my cell-phone to Eric and he started talking to her.Her heart was still pounding when I got home 5 hours later.(Hmmm...maybe it was better I didn't bring her????).Anyway,what other rock-stars travel hundreds of miles to spend time with their fans in a casual and intimate setting.None that I've ever heard of.Raspberries are one of a kind.PLAY ON!!!

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Whoa...pressure's on for me for next year, thanks to Mellie. I was there with you guys in spirit and loved chatting with everyone who joined in the fun at the chat room. We discovered that the web cam is amazingly addictive and developed our own little brand of voyeurism. laugh

Lew, Lew, Lew. ::: shakes head :::


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