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Rock Vocalist Sound Alikes

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No Lew, Billy Goats don't look or sound like Stevie Nicks.

But it's ok, it's expected,.. you're just trying to rationalize your sudden attraction to sheep.

Jamesy,as if messin with the TUNESman wasn't crazy enough. Now you're takin on the Big Man himself. What you crazy, boy? You're the Cubs taking on the Yankees. Stick to your own league. Try to win a few games from the Pirates and the Brewers.You gotta take baby steps if you want to learn how to walk let alone run with the big guns. Talk to Sugar. She'll set you straight.
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Herman and I always thought Tom Petty really sounded like Dylan. Of course, Dylan was one of his vocal influences, so it's not strange that they sound alike.

I adore the vocal blend Wally and Eric produce together. It's absolute vocal perfection. They match timbres AND colors! I've always heard a *very* luminous quality in Eric's voice that I've never heard in anyone else. It's capable of an unlimited array of vocal colors, and he can change them in a chameleon-like manner. Wally's voice is not exactly like Eric's but it complements Eric's voice like no other can.

Indescribably delicious! I haven't heard ANYONE who can sound like either or like they do together. That's not possible to duplicate, IMO.

smile --Darlene

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