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Rock Vocalist Sound Alikes

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Tom Petty-Roger McGuinn

Randy VanWarmer-"England" Dan Seals

Andy Kim- Neil Diamond

Joey Ramone- Ronnie Spector

Bonnie Tyler- Rod Stewart

Kim Carnes- Rod Stewart

Gerry Rafferty- George Harrison

Lisa Marie Presley- Sheryl Crow

Joe Elliott- Jon Bon Jovi

Terry Kath- Jimi Hendrix

Frankie(from the knockouts)- Bobby Kimball(Toto)

Chris Jagger- Mick Jagger

Donnie Iris- David Bowie

James Dewar- Jack Bruce

Melissa Ethridge- Janis Joplin

Dave Smalley- Glen Frey

Ann Wilson- Grace Slick

Rindy Ross- Pat Benetar

Dale Bozzio- Terri Nunn

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I have to agree on the Tom Petty/Bob Dylan comparison. Coincidentally, this past weekend, when the Tommy Petty & the Heartbreakers song "You Got Lucky" was broadcast on the car radio, my initial impression was "Gee, Tom Petty sounds just like Bob Dylan!". After reading CubfanMike & aggiesjc's posts, I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who has noticed that.

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A couple of really early ones, rock & roll-wise....

Elvis' delivery was pure Arthur Crudup, and

early Mick Jagger was obviously from Don Covay.

I personally think early Tom Petty was obviously ripped from Roger McGuinn. I don't really hear much Dylan at all in his voice - I think he tries to phrase/deliver a lot like Dylan, though.

I remember arguing with friends about Rafferty and Stealer's Wheel's "Stuck In The Middle With You." They all said "Dylan", but I thought he was basically doing George Harrison.

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A one-shot, off-the wall- posting.The lead singer of the Fortunes chanelling Frankie Valli's non-falsetto in "Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling"."It always seems to be a Monday,Left-over memories of Sunday".Listen to the phrasing.It's intentional and it's fun.GREAT POP RECORD!-Ira.

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Another intentional rock soundalike-a song I believe that you posted ,Marv, as a "Guilty Pleasure"."Will You Be Staying After Sunday"? by "The Peppermint Rainbow".It could have been the sequel to "Sunday Will Never Be The Same" by "Spanky And Our Gang".-I also just remembered that the fairly recent song "Breakfast At Tiffany's" also really sounded like it could be a "Hollies song.Who sang that-I don't remember the name of the group.

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