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Opening Act?


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I clicked on that Kate Voegele website. Very catchy, melodic stuff. Esp. "On Top of the World." Lots of hooks.

There are some Shawn Colvin influences (from her more 'catchy' stuff) and her voice sounds somewhat like Fiona Apple (...but not on steroids).

She'd be an excellent choice for 'berries fans.

Steve T.

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Kate's stuff is very nice indeed. I have to admit that since Alannis broke onto the scene in the 1990's, I've had a difficult time listening to 'young' female vocalists. She made such an impression on young female musicians, that I find her style in many of those who have followed her. Kate's stuff doesn't sound quite as angst-riddent.


p.s. Try Rose Falcon (Billy's daughter); very poppy stuff.

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You will all recall that famous rock guy who said that if the Raspberries ever reunited he would want to open for them.

Ain't gonna happen. No opening act....but perhaps a very special introduction.

I'd lay a month's salary on a bet for opening song. Gotta be IWBU or I'm a Rocker.

Tom from Toledo

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