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Perfect Night—What Was Your Favorite Moment?


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Favorite moments? So many, but these two come to mind...

* Wally singing "When You Were with Me" with such passion and conviction. I have the "Choir Practice" CD, but hadn't listened in quite awhile. That song really blew me away.

* The opening chords and drum intro of "Tonight." This is the one song that just goes right through me every time. Someone mentioned in another thread about someone dancing with wild abandon at some point in the show. Well, at the beginning of "Tonight" I was playing air guitar in time with those chords, while my friend was playing air drums...and yes, both of us with wild abandon. You know that you must look like a total idiot to those around you. And you know what? You don't care! It just feels too good!

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So many to choose from, but the moments that hit me the most (in no order):

1)When the radio part came in during "Overnight Sensation" and Jim stood up and started clacking his sticks and the whole crowd just erupted!

2)Two songs that brought a tear to my eye were "If You Change Your Mind" and "I Can Remember"

3)The flawless fabulous version of "Go All The Way" at the end.

4)The montage that started it all and went into "I Wanna be With You"...it was just surreal!Was I really there?

5) "Let's Pretend" and "Don't Want To Say Goodbye"....need I say more?

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Oh boy - here she goes:

* meeting Bernie and Kathy (Kathy - you and I could talk for hours!!) and just seeing Bernie's face shine with pure joy. Someone said that Bernie and Ken Sharp were sitting next to each other in the balcony and said "We're at a Raspberries concert...do you believe it??!! We're at a RASPBERRIES CONCERT!!" (BERNIE - CONFIRM ACCURACY!!)

*Hearing Jim refer to the band as the "Elderberries"

*Last Dance live - didn't care for the country middle on the record before - that song kicks ass LIVE. The whole guitar line up (just like the Eagles in Hotel California) for that song was COOL.

*GATW live - it means so much to me.

*Starting Over with Jim and Dave playing it. I read in Ken Sharp's compliation that Jim Bonfanti really would have loved to play on that song. He did and he was awesome.

* I can Remember live

* Dave's new blue bass

* Wally's Jackie Gleason impressions

* Eric talking to his children from the stage and looking back into the balcony to see their awed faces with "that's my daddy!" all over them.

* seeing the Berries parents up in the balcony so proud of their children

* Dave's smile

* seeing the ribbons on the instruments

* seeing Kazumi's face when Eric said "You're Kazumi!!"

* meeting Kim Smalley - what a sweet woman. Saw her also the next day at the RRHOF with my raspberry track suit and my "Raspberries Still Rock" t-shirt! And she didn't mind me gushing about her man!

*meeting Eric and having a special minute with him that involved at least PART of what I have fantasized about for over 30 years.

* Dave's kiss - your mustache tickles!!! But I loved it.

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh..........I am still high.

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I'm going to put together a longer post with everything that happened over the course of 3 1/2 days, but for now, here in chronological order are my moments:

1. Thanksgiving supper with the Bryson clan on Thursday.

2. Sharing some incredibly enlightening conversations with Wally and Kay.

3. An un-planned 'tour' of Cleveland courtesy of Wally and Kay.

4. Being among the first handful to see and hear the reunited band at the soundcheck

5. Meeting each of the band members and being greeted like they had known me forever.

6. Being told by each of the band members that the "Reflections" book had touched them.

7. At the soundcheck, trying to control the emotions (unsuccesfully) as I watched the video montage (way to go Ken and Bernie!), that led into "IWBWY"

8. Seeing the tears on Barb Bonfanti's face as she said to me, "Marvin, I never thought that I'd

ever see this day."

9. Meeting other EC.COM members at the pre-show supper, and seeing the excitement on their faces.


11. Speaking with Eric's son Clayton and Eric's mom.

12. Meeting Jim & Barb and Eric and Susan the next day, and once again getting a chance to express my feelings.

13. Jim telling me that they were looking at possible shows in Canada ("Weekend at Marvin's" anyone???)

14. Knowing that Rock and Roll Dreams really can come true.

Much more to come, soon. Peace and love to all.


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As always you are a tough act to follow Marvin......sounds like you had the time of your life......My wife and I had a major league fight before leaving Columbus for the pre-party Friday and my spirits really never fully recovered until the curtain went up at the show, then everything else didn't matter.

It was great to meet some folks from the site.....Kazumi.....LoL...you were not the only Asian woman at the pre-party so I was suddenly not comfortable approaching....oh well someday I'll figure out which one you were..

My favorite moments in general were when the curtain went up and the film segwayed into IWBWY, and in general hearing every last acoustical tune from the flip side of both Fresh and Side Three. And of course, my favorite "Nobody Knows" was killer.


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Kevin thanks for the kind words. As I mentioned, there was so much more and when I get THAT post together, it will be long. I'll try to keep it interesting and hope that it doesn't bore people.

It's now Monday morning. I was thrilled to see my wife and children last night, but now I feel an emotional void that won't be filled until I see the band and EC.COM members again. Here's hoping that it will come soon.


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Now that I've had a few days to think about it and I am still thinking about it, it's almost impossible to pick and absolute FAVORITE, but the raising of the screen and curtain after the video montage, revealing the band was definitely quite moving. The songs I enjoyed the most: Hard To Get Over A Heartbreak, Ecstasy, It's Cold Outside, Beatles and Who covers. Man, that's a tough one to answer!

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They came out and rocked, I was so happy. I knew Eric had it in him. Wally is such a nice guy, he gave me a pick. I told him we drove out from Philly and that I was a full time guitarist and he asked about the mix. My wife Lisa and I had a blast. Hi to KevG and Jeff who we kept running into at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on Sat. They put a lot of time into it and it showed. Thanks so much.

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  • 3 years later...


A blast from the past.... instant reactions to the first Raspberries reunion, way back in Thanksgiving 2004. Nearly four years later, this thread is a riot to read again --- start on p. 1 to get the full effect!

Damn, did I miss a magical night.... Three years later, I did get my chance --- at The Highline in NYC. But this one was obviously special....


PS: Speaking of "blast from the past," there are a bunch of names here of EC.com members who don't come around anymore.... Where'd you go?

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marvin said:

Hard to believe it's been four years, and pretty close to a year already since Highline and LA.

And Cleveland/State Theatre

As I booked my ticket for NYC the other day, at 11.30 PM, I recalled that on Oct. 24, 2007 - at appx. 11.30 PM, I was booking my ticket for Cleveland. How I wished the other night I was booking a ticket for Cleveland to see the Raspberries. 😔

Ok, I just bummed myself out...gonna eat some potato chips and then hate myself. Hey, everybody has their vises. 😉

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I have to say there were TWO perfect moments, though they were perfect in different ways. Seeing RASPBERRIES right there, under the rising curtain playing "IWBWY" was the thrill of a LIFETIME, my heart beating out of my chest and my eyes spilling tears, but meeting the band and finally getting to talk to them about the reunion concert they had just played was the other side of the perfection coin. A quiet contentment but bursting with pride at the same time that they were back again!

😀 —Darlene

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