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An Amazon.com review of EC's Definitive Collection


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(Without You) Surfing around Amazon.com for Eric's albums brought me to this review I thought others would appreciate (it's from 1999, so many of you may have seen it and laughed about it before):

"Eric Carmen is one of the greatest power ballad writers in my opinion. He combines the theatrics of a Styx, the acoustic softness of a Paul Davis, and the climactic range of Queen but he adds a mix of sensuality almost unavailable in all the other great power ballads by the likes of REO Speedwagon, Journey, Toto, or Foreigner; this is inherent in his vocal arrangements but also in the composition. This is a classic compilation- including his best cover "Hungry Eyes" and some of the best of his own including "Go AllThe Way" and "Sunrise". Unfortunately, what it is missing is his absolute best ballad and possibly of all time "Without You"- which I can't find anywhere. I don't understand why such a mediocre cover by Mariah Carey is available so readily, and this song is completely left off this collection and others by him. From the standpoint of the construction of a classic power ballad- "Without you" has it all from its slow melodic start to its overwhelming climax- many people have a bad taste in their mouth from the Mariah carey re-do- not that its bad- but it makes it sound like an average commercial tune- Does anyone know where I can find this tune? They shouldn't have left it off if they weren't gonna make it easily available. I definitely recommend this recording. It is classic, purely melodic, excellent harmonic arrangements on the vocals, sensual, moving, and very climactic like perfect power ballads should be."

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Eric DID NOT write "Hungry Eyes." The original writer/singer (excuse any misspellings please) was Frankie Previte of Frankie & the Knockouts fame - and this was the demo that was presented to Eric by Jimmy Ienner. Thankfully Eric's vocals rescued a horrible song.


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