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Jimmy Ienner question


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Let's see....he produced a couple of Three Dog Night's LPs, one (I think) by Lighthouse, and at least one Bay City Rollers (the one with their cover of "Let's Pretend" on it). He may have produced Gene Chandler's "Duke Of Earl" as well, but, then again, he may have only sung on it (the well-known bass part). I'm sure there are others that I can't remember.....

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I think Ienner might have produced a Stevie Nicks album somewhere along the way.

JohnO are you sure about the BCR connection? Just a guess on my part, but I was thinking Harry Maslin produced that BCR disc with "Let's Pretend." Andy (bahoo) would know for sure.


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Jimmy Ienner indeed did produce the Bay City Rollers' "Dedication" album, which featured "Let's Pretend" and came out in 1976.

And he produced two Grand Funk albums: "All the Girls in the World Beware!!" and "Born to Die," as well as the band's live album, "Caught in the Act."

He produced Blood, Sweat & Tears' 1975 album called "New City."

He's listed as exec producer on Air Supply's 1999 Christmas Album.

And of course, he was exec producer of the soundtrack for a little film called "Dirty Dancing."


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Jimmy's son, Jimmy Ienner, Jr. has a web site at: http://www.ienner.com/ (he has photographed such acts as Carly Simon and Roger Waters)

Briefest of bios pf Jimmy Sr. at the "That Philly Sound" site: http://www.thatphillysound.com/people/jimmy_ienner.html

Jimmy and Don Ienner are brothers.

Jimmy "Teeth" Ienner, Raspberries' producer, also produced (besides the acts already named) Janey Street and Sha Na Na (who covered Raspberries' "Don't Want To Say Goodbye"). Ienner's production of "(Just Like) Romeo And Juliet" was Sha Na Na's biggest single, hitting #55 in 1975.

Jimmy Ienner also was president of Millenium Records and helped launch Franke & The Knockouts. That group hit # 10 in 1981 with "Sweetheart," one of their three Top 40 singles (they also had two albums in the Top 50).

Franke Previte of Franke & The Knockouts is one the guys who wrote Eric Carmen's "Hungry Eyes" and Franke also co-wrote "Time Of My Life" (Oscar and Golden Globe winner) for Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes.

Speaking of Sha Na Na (but no direct-connection to Jimmy Ienner), I recently picked up the CD "One More Tomorrow - The Best Of Henry Gross" because it had two of my favorite Top 40 songs from 1976, "Shannon" and "Springtime Mama," which had an Eric/Beach Boys sound to them. Great little collection by the former Sha Na Na guitarist (angelic voice and Carl Wilson of The Beach Boys on backup vocals).

Don smile

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Howard thanks for the correction on Iovine and Ienner.

There is a "Jimmy Ienner Jr" who is the founder of UNITED PRODUCTIONS CO. By the info on their website, UPO appear to be a large organization:


More Than Thirteen Years of Professional Experience in the Following Areas of Expertise:

Photography: Corporate, Editorial, Photo Journalism, Still Life, Location, Digital Graphic Design, Hi-res Drum Scanning, Web Scanning & Design, Digital Retouching.

• Film: Digital Video Production, Documentaries, Location Shoots, Corporate & Commercial Production, Editing, Original Music Scoring done in conjunction with Neil Jason.

Partial Client List -

Sony Music, NBC, Discovery Networks, VISA, Viacom, VH1, HBO, USA Today, L.A. Times, The Plaza Hotel, Helene Curtis, Hunter Douglas, LOREAL, Conde Nast Publications, Champion Mortgage, Waldorf Astoria, Forte Hotels International, Wieder Publications, Rubenstein & Assoc., TWA, Hilton Hotels, Russian Tea Room, Saudi Arabian Airlines, BBD&O, Business Traveler Intl. Magazine, BSM&G Worldwide, Starwood Hotel Group, Sunbow Entertainment, Middleberg & Assoc. Rolling Stone and Forbes to name a few.



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Yes indeed Marvin...Jimmy did produce "Dedication" for the BCR...interstingly the Rollers dropped the "Let's Pretend" key from a "G" to a "D". I think it sound better in "D", giving the tune a warmer feeling. I think the Berries are also playing it in "D" now as the originally is insanely high sung in "G".

If I am not mistaken, on eof th eIenner brothers is dead now...

Marvin...the Harry Maslin connection is that he produced 2 BCR records ( It's a Game and Strangers in the Wind)....and of course Harry produced ECs Tonight Your Mine.


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