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Eric is included!

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Eric's 'Hungry Eyes' was advertised last night by Time-Life's Collection of Rock Ballads. The clip they used to advertise Eric and his song was this one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kzafZgYzOoQ He's singing live in 1987.

(If you're interested in purchasing this dynamite collection of 153 songs from the 70's here's the number 800 406-5757.)

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Yes I noticed that about the year, that they were advertising 80's music when the title of the collection was for 70's music. There were plenty of other songs in the collection that were clearly from the 80's. At the time of my post I did not think to add that tidbit.

They also included ABM in this collection. Didn't know that until after my post.

I highly doubt Time-Life contacted all these musicians to ask if they could put a collection together. They probably just put "the check in the mail." Nice for Eric and his family.

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"Hungry Eyes" was written by Frankie Previte of Frankie & the Knockouts fame ("Sweetheart" was their top 10 hit in the early 1980's.). In my opinion, Eric saved the song with his lead vocals. I've never liked the song, and in someone else's hands, it would have probably sunk.

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