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Overnight Oblivion


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"Overnight Oblivion"

Well it seems awful funny

And I'd almost bet some money, yo,

That somebody's playing games,

'Cause I'm not in the directory no mo'

I just wonder where I went to?

Wonder was it all the posts I made?

Could it be that good old Marvin

Wants to pass me in the posting parade?

Well, the webmaster says he didn't pull it,

So I guess I've got to bite the bullet,

I may have to post as "John" or "Vivian"

'Cause I'm in "Overnight Oblivion..."

Been tryin' not to be too wordy

Not too lemonady but upbeat

For awhile I couldn't even log in,

Now I'm just trying to get back on my feet

I just wonder where I went to?

Wonder was it all the posts I made?

Maybe I should have been meaner,

Didn't mean to over-lemonade!

Overnight Oblivion...

Took too much time to put a pic with my post

Staying off the board has made me disappear,

Now I'm a ghost--

She's disappeared

She's disappeared

She's disappeared

(Number two) is a ghost...


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Darlene, Are you just adding rapid-posts to reach 2000 before Spring? I want you to post a negative comment about something other than "Lost in the Shuffle" just to cleanse the palate. Say something bad about me, please?...I need to see your're human like the rest of us.

I think if you were living in the 20's, you could have saved millions of lives by convincing Hitler to keep on trying to live out his dream as a struggling artist.

"Dear Adolf,

Don't listen to those art gallery snobs! You keep painting and you will be famous someday Dolfie. You have a dynamic commanding speaking voice at parties, but don't give up on your art. Leave the politics to others who don't have the talent and dreams that you have.


Lemonade Frauline"

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Carmen, Are you a guy? (Is your name really Carmen?) I am assuming Carmen Smalley is a made-up screen name. I thought maybe you were a girl, because I am thinking of the opera "Carmen" by Bizet. Also in high school, one of my girlfriends was named Carmen. Thank you for the compliment on the lyrics. I've been writing poems lyrics, serious and satiric since I was a little girl.

smile --Darlene

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