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The ribbon made it all the way to Calgary but not to Ontario yet? The postal service here in Canada sure is wacky! At one point we had a postman taking all the mail and hiding it in his garage - he was too lazy to deliver the mail, and was too scared to dump it for fear of it being found, so instead stored thousands of letters in his garage. I missed getting some bills, letters, packages I was expecting. Explaining to the University of Toronto that they would have to re-send some sample textbooks because of our fruitcake mailman took some swift talking on my part - I think the woman I talked to at the U of T thought I was the fruitcake for making up such a nutty story. Perhaps our famous mailman is back at work once again, as all week all I've received are coupons for pizza, carpet cleaning, and a funeral home.

No sign yet of the Raspberry Ribbon. Also, it's been 4 MONTHS as of today that I ordered some CDs from Australia. FOUR MONTHS! The site won't answer my e-mails, and they provide no phone number or address. I've dealt with them before, and they've been great to me, so I have no idea why this is happening now. Any ideas on how to contact a company that only provides you with their e-mail address and has a .com website??? I know they're still in business - the website was updated in the last few weeks.

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Thanks Bernie! That's was SO cool to see the ribbon larger than lifesize! (I feel like I'm looking at a billboard of the thing!!!)

I'm still sending more out - I have my soccer team Halloween party tonight so they'll be going out next week. Michelle, yours is one of them I think!!

thanks, bushman - i'll send you one if you want!


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I've had a lot of problems with the Canadian mail service myself. For awhile I was buying antiques on E-bay. They all came to me just fine - not opened by customs, didn't have to pay customs fees, etc. Then, with one package it was opened by customs, made me pay an extra $25 for a customs crossing fee, etc. After that, I started telling people to put 'gift' on all the packages. That way you don't get dinged by customs for the extra payments.

Same thing with CDs from Australia - I ordered one in May, and it got here just fine. Ordered another from the same company in June, and it got opened and I was charged $11 for a customs crossing fee. I think it's just the luck of the draw - sometimes you have to pay the fees, and sometimes not. I can't see any sort of pattern, like it has to be over a certain amount of money or something. How odd that I got my book right away, just fine, not opened or anything, and then Canada Post goes and does that to a different book, sent from the same place, etc. Too Weird!!!

Still don't have the ribbon, but if it was just sent on Tuesday, it should be here soon. So sorry to hear about the broken leg!!! Yeow. Give our best wishes!!!

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You know, my husband ( i was just kidding in an earlier posting - I didn't REALLY kill him...yet) was just reading some of our postings and commented on how intelligent, caring and funny you guys all are and he(we) is/are looking forward to spending time with you guys in Cleveland.

Makes a big difference heading across country to meet up with people you've never met when the ones you're meeting with are great people to share a monumental event with!

thanks for the good wishes for the wounded little bird - took her (and 3 other 13 year olds) to see Green Day last night - what a GREAT concert. She got such nice treatment from the folks at Continental Arena at the Meadowlands in NJ)


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