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Raspberry ribbon


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I also received my ribbon (Wednesday).

They look great! Thx for all your effort and work in making them!

I believe there are a few cold and frosty ones with your name on them here in Cleveland. You will reconize me... I will be the one with a raspberrie ribbon on. LOL crazy

Looking forward to meeting you and all the others.


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I have, so far, made 48 ribbons (not including me!) plus 5 special raspberry boutonieres that we might see in Cleveland. (that's asking a lot and i know it - no expectations/no obligations, guys!) I could only find one spring of perfect (meaning not cheesy fake-looking) artifical raspberries and those were made into the boutonieres.

I'm still making them and the boarders are welcome to them.

Gene - I'll just look for the naked guy with the sports bra in the hotel lobby first - no confusion there!!!

thanks for all the positive feedback and I'm prepping my liver for a few frosty ones!!! happy


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