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Everyone has posted about how the concert was, and in a word it was unbelievable. There was just too much to really put into words, my post is going to be about the other thing that made this concert an experience: the other people who post on this board. While having a drink at the HOB hotel, my wife and I met a firecracker named Gina, and the night began. I guess the best way to describe Gina, is that to say that she is a devoted fan would be the same as saying the Pope is a religious person. She is a bundle of energy. Gina's husband, sister and brother in law were also great people. I got to meet Marvin, a very nice guy, BlackhawkPat, Win, Bernie, Ken Sharp and many others.

During the concert you could look at the balcony and see Jim Peterik of Ides of March and Survivor Fame, and the first ladies of Power Pop, the spouses of the band. The show was for me, the highlight of my rock and roll life. The band not only exceeded any expectations I could have had, but reaffirmed what makes everyone a fan. They have that "it" in their music, something that you just know. During the show Wally gave my wife a guitar pick which is now going to be put in a safe display case, and she too could sense what everyone was feelin. After the concert was over, I got to meet someone that I truly respected and owed a lot of thanks too for keeping the spirit alive, Michelle, or better known as Razzmichi. What a lovely and gracious person, thank you so much.

Going to this event was much more than a concert, it was a celebration of music as well as a kindred spirit of friendship that transcended the theatre. The people who post on this board and the fans are wonderful, warm people who have made me feel lucky to attend such a gathering. Thank you to all, and especially to the band members, Eric, Wally, Dave and Jim., it was a funky Bali Hai and let's do it again. God Bless and here's to seeing everyone again at future concerts.

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hosskratz, We had a GREAT time talking to you and your wife. You are so nice and have a great sense of humor! Anthony,Maria and Mike truly enjoyed your company also.

A fircracker huh?? Are you sure you don't mean a bundle of dynamite or maybe a wrecking ball??

haha You know what I mean. Geez....

Greg from indiana, Now you understand why I am a stooges fan, a lucy fan and roller derby fan



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By the way hosskratz, you are right that really was some roller derby demonsration. Wow! That took me right back to the 70's haha

Really though, it was kinda like a little entertainment for the "pass the line" group.

An opening act.....for the opening act.

A hilarious demonstration for sure. It was really nice though that no one laughed or made jokes about it :rolleyes: Poor girl...


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gina, i'm not sure what the "roller derby" reference is about...but you are to tiny to be bodyslamming bouncers and the like, be careful, you're to valuable a member of the "team"to get hurt......

you forgot marx brothers.....

"i hear they're going to tear you down and put up a building where you're standing!!!"

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