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California Here They Come!

Baby Sister

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That was fast! Well, if you're hungry later, there at least three places open 24 hours: Denny's, Del Taco(Burritos, Fries, Shakes, Fish Taco's), and Canters, with restaurant and bakery. This is a place of history. I think it has the largest menu in L.A. (On Fairfax, just about a block north of Beverly Blvd. Or, east of HOB, then south about one mile on Fairfax). People would go here just to see comedian Rodney Dangerfield and have a good meal. He would stand up and tell his jokes to the restaurant patrons. It will remind you of the sixties era. People from the studios, like CBS, would go there. Aggiesjc, Tony, and Marlene, part of the lunch and dinner menu at HOB is Grilled shrimp with spinach and rice, A veggie sandwich, and triple layer chocolate cake. My favorite place happens to be in Pasadena called Burger Continental. It is about 15 minutes from HOB. The name is nothing like the food. They serve Greek and Mediterranean food, with entertainment. Belly dancing, sometimes, and live music. They have quite a brunch on the weekend.

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Were here !!! Internet service in this hotel works so we do not have to depend on my baby sister to provide the update. Thanks Adrienne.

Arrived at 3:00 am California time (6:00 am Cleveland time) 18 hours on the road. Going through Flaggstaff ran into an ice storm coming down the longest hill Dave and I have ever been on. The ice turned into a heavy rain storm for over two hours (no problem keeping up with traffic at a high speed of 45 mph) and then heavy fog in California. Early call in the morning need to go to Line 6 factory for repairs on equipment before heading back into LA where we will meet up with the rest of the crew and band. We are really looking forward to the traffic in the morning!!! Lastly, we assume that Ken and Barbie are fine as we have not heard anything from the back of the truck since we left Cleveland.

Thanks for all your good wishes on our trip and Saturday morning we revere the route planning to be back in Cleveland on Monday evening. More updates as the week goes on.

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Great to hear you arrived safe and sound. Maybe the ice storm scared the - well, the you know waht - out of Ken and Barbie...hence, the continued silence. Just hope there isn't too big a mess to clean up in their area in the truck.

And, as you retrace the route, a relative of Barbie's who lives with me will be standing by the road, cheering you along the way.

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