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Detective charcter based on Wally's last name


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There's an author named Jim Hansen who has a book coming out in March of 2006 called "Night Laws." His fictional book has a detective character named Bryson Coventry.

In an interview at http://www.newmysteryreader.com/jim_hansen.htm, the author explains where he got the character's name:

"The 'Bryson' part of the name comes from Wally Bryson, an old acquaintance of mine from when I was growing up in Cleveland and active in the band scene, where I played lead guitar. Wally was the lead guitarist for the Raspberries and maybe still is, I don’t know. I wanted Coventry’s first name to be unique without being flowery."

Just shows you that Raspberries references are turning up in the darnedest places.

Don :-)

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WOW!!!! Thanks for posting this! (We ought to contact him and tell him that Wally, indeed, still is the lead guitar player for Raspberries!)

Maybe the author doesn't live in Cleveland anymore--he obviously hadn't heard about the reunion.

Yes, they are turning up "in the darndest places!"

EVERYWHERE! I love it! I also LOVE that Wally was the inspiration for this character. Now I have to buy the book!

smile --Darlene

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Contacting him is an interesting idea --- I did find that he has a website at http://www.jimhansenlawfirm.com/ and is a lawyer in Denver these days. I did email the interview info to the Brysons last night because I thought Wally would get a kick out of it.

Jim Hansen's bio shows that he attended college in Cleveland and was a teacher in Cleveland as well --- in the interview he says he played lead guitar in Cleveland, so I'm wondering if any Cleveland musicians remember him or what band(s) he may have been in?

Here's a thought, future time travelers: so the book becomes a hit, leading to sequels, then to a movie (you know, "Mel Gibson IS Bryson Coventry..."), then to a TV series (with a thunderous song like "I Don't Know What I Want" as the theme (hey, The Who are making bucks off the "CSI" series and spin-offs, why not Raspberries?)), then "Got Milk?" advertisements...

Anyway, at some point the author does TV interviews about his best-seller and mentions where the idea for the character comes from, creating more interest in Raspberries --- that would be neat!

Forgive me, I'm still sleepy...

Don smile

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