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So, when's the next Weekend at Bernie's?


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I agree Trindy! Was trying to make a little list of things to keep me going through these cold, dreary winter days and that was one event I was hoping I could add to the list along with the dvd and cd of the show! Also can't get the song "It's Cold Outside" out of my head, probably because it's such a reality here and think I'm going to have to break down and buy the Choir cd from Amazon. Would you really travel all the way to NJ if it happened?

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First: "It's Cold Outside" was all I could THINK of this morning...ai yi yi...it is the theme song of Cleveland today for sure.

Second: Yeah, I did go to Lou Mitchell's, and you guys missed out! 1. They give a free little box of Milk Duds to every woman or girl who comes in the door. 2. They have a basket of donut holes and they hand those out at the door to everyone, not just the ladies. 3. Their food is incredible. They make double-yolk eggs and the scrambled ones are scrambled in a blender--makes them lighter than air. Their sausages are huge (why does that sound perverted?), their home fries are crispy, their pancakes are floaty, their coffee is great. Suffice it to say, all who visit Chicago should go. And they really are at the head of "Route 66" so I would recommend that anyone planning to travel what's left of it go there to "get your kicks" first.

Third: would I "go all the way" to NJ for Weekend at Bernie's? Hell, I've been to a wedding in Jersey, why not? Don't forget, I used to live in upstate NY and we had to go through a piece of Jersey just to get to NYC. I'm there with bells on!

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Kathy, I have an even better idea... needless to say, the berries don't "owe" us anything, and I don't mean to imply they do, but how cool would it be if they had a show exclusively for board members?! A small venue, maybe even closer to you than NYC, even if the tickets cost a bit more, I'm sure because of the exclusivity, board members would be willing to pay a bit more... maybe it's not feasible, I'm the first to admit I know nothing of these things, but it would be really cool, would it not? happy

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