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Giving Thanks To The Raspberries Community


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This Thanksgiving week marks the one-year anniversary of the first Raspberries reunion concert in Cleveland, Ohio.

For those of us blessed enough to attend, I'm certain you recall the show and the events surrounding it--as one of your life's highlights. It certainly was in mine. I'll never forget the dizzying thrill of seeing the screen rise up after Bernie's amazing video montage—and hearing the opening chords of "I Wanna Be With You.' And there they were! The Raspberries in concert! They looked and sounded amazing! What a joy!

I'd like to give my wholehearted thanks to the Raspberries for even agreeing to do that show (and all 10 shows) in the first place—they didn't have to do all the grueling work they did on those shows--after all, their lives are established now, they all have families and careers. I mean, at a certain point in life, who would want to rehearse for hours on end, go back on the road, travel thousands of miles, and be away from home and family—sleeping in hotel rooms and living out of suitcases? But they did it. And they did it for us, the fans. Thank you Eric. Thank you Wally. Thank you Dave. Thank you Jim.

And thanks of course, to the Overdubs, Jennifer, Paul and Billy, and the great road crew and the sound and light people who made the Raspberries shows over-the-top professional. Sure the band was rehearsed to the quality of a burnished diamond—but so much else goes into it—we shouldn't forget that.

Of course, thanks to Bernie and Ken, for the Marathon Man book. I'm certain that labor-of-love book—not to mention the years of selfless work Bernie put into the Eric Carmen.com site (and don't forget Ken's original Overnight Sensation book from a decade ago)—were critical to us fans in developing a belief consciousness that a reunion could and should happen. Which perhaps was the tipping-point for the band to finally begin to wonder the all-important question "why not?"

Speaking of thanksgiving, I'm grateful for my new message board friends—Bernie and Kathy, Ken, Marv, Ted, Darlene, Annie and all the rest of you loving and caring people: it's been a delight to share the shows with all of you—as well as the daily posts documenting our love of our precious Raspberries.

So, Happy Thanksgiving to all. And here's to even more Raspberries thrills, surprises and joy next year!



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You must have read my mind, because for the past few days I can't stop myself from recalling all of the wonderful, excitement and anticipation surrrounding the first show. What to wear, making little candy gifts to pass out, deciding on what to take to be autographed, thinking of something "special" to say to each of the guys at the meet and greet, writing a corny poem for Marvin's reflections, looking forward to meeting people from the message board for the first time, hoping the day would be everything I'd hoped for. Well, it was and so much more! I will treasure those wonderful memories for a life time. There's a quote that goes something like "Don't be sad because it's over-smile because it happened!" This is so very true of the past year. Absolutely wonderful!

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You don't post often but when you do you are right on the mark.

This has been a marvelous year. Not only for the reunion but the opportunity to meet the fabulous fan base. I won't mention names because I know I will leave someone out. I think you all know who you are.

But I will say the joy the guys have given to all of us is immeasurable. Thanks Berries, Overdubs and Berrie's families. I hope this Thankgiving is as wonderful for all of you as last year's was for all of us.

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I can't think of a thing to add, Larry. Beautifully expressed!!! I know you are a fan from "the old days" and you captured the perfect words to explain what those of us who saw Raspberries the first time felt to have lost and regained that paradise! Your heartfelt words are right on the money and represent what we all feel.

smile --Darlene

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Larry that was beautifully said. I would like to add my Thanks also. What a wonderful year this has been. I have so enjoyed meeting the Raspberries and all of you fans. What a thrill for me. Thanks to every single person who had a hand in making this happen. Thanks guys for putting aside old feeling and doing this for your fans. I hope you all had a wonderful time, in fact I hope you had so much fun you might consider another go at it. I Love Ya! wink

June happy

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That first reunion concert was great! I'm sure the others were good too. I saw the first one and then came back for the scene pavillion. But that first one, the excitement of seeing the guys and hearing the music! I can't believe it even now. They sounded so great! It will forever be the greatest concert event I've ever been a part of. Thanks everyone, but I want to especially thank Bernie. Without his passion, the Raspberries would've never known that this kind of interest was out there.

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