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Cleveland's top 25

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Good stuff, Jim...

"Rock" is used pretty generically these days, Marv...if the "Rock and Roll" Hall of Fame limited itself to "true" rock and roll songs, it would be pretty empty. In fact, Philly has just been selected to house the "R & B" Hall of Fame, so does that mean all the R & B stuff in Cleveland is going to have to be transferred to Philly???

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Interesting list. My comments...

No "Overnight Sensation"?

If he's including the O'Jays, where the heck is "For the Love of Money"--now enjoying a second life as the theme song of "The Apprentice"?

The title was "Play that Funky Music," no "White Boy" in there (some of you may recall that some stations played the alternative version with the words "white boy" censored). Beats me how this one made it in there. Steubenville is closer to Wheeling, West Virginia than it is to Cleveland, yet he includes this and excludes other acts for being from too far away? All I have to say is, if Wild Cherry is from Cleveland, I'm from Chicago.

"Let It Whip"--a classic, I always have to dance when hearing this one. Even if it WAS once used on a tampon commercial.

"Born Too Late"--ah, yes, by the OTHER major recording act to come out of Brush High School! Home of the Arcs!

"Cleveland Rocks"--yes, it deserves to be here for honorary reasons. I will never forget the arguments I had with kids from New York and New Jersey during my college days in upstate NY who kept telling me that THEY heard that Hunter originally titled it "New York Rocks" or "London Rocks" and changed it later. Puh-leeze. It was ALWAYS Cleveland, and it helped a lot of us hold up our heads when we were the laughingstock of the rest of the nation--years before people actually started believing we still had downtown department stores, with fat bespectacled funny guys working in them who liked to dance around town with their friends.

If you actually know the tune to "Let's Get the Show on the Road" and begin singing it whenever you're trying to get someone else to hurry up so you can all leave, it's almost guaranteed that you are from Cleveland.

It's "Ah! Leah!" Please learn to spell, buddy!

I always thought it was "Skinny Little Boy." Alex Bevan opened for Eric at the concert I attended here 11/17/77.

I still remember my best friend from high school walking around school singing "Funky Poodle." Now that IS proof I'm from Cleveland.

A flawed list, but valuable in that it makes people more aware of how much popular music actually came from here.

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Good list, but there are some other song that should be on there.......

I would have substituted "Christmas Wrapping" for "I Know What Boys Like".....it's the far better of the Waitresses' two hits.

Donnie Iris was the lead singer for the Pittsburgh-based band the Jaggerz, who had one hit called "The Rapper". (But I really like "Ah!Leah!" better.)

What? No James Gang "Walk Away"? While on the subject of the Walsh/Vitale connection, Joe Vitale Sr. and Junior now have a CD of percussion samples called "Junkyard Rhythms".....percussion

tracks done on coffee cans and other household and industrial items.

"Love Rollercoaster" by the Ohio Players is also conspicuously absent.(Say What??)

"Help Me Rhonda" by the Beach Boys. Granted, this is a California act, but it does feature an uncommon performance by Al Jardine as the lead vocalist(Al is from Lima, Ohio).

And while they are throwing in non-rockers, one of my faves is "Everybody Loves Somebody" by Dean Martin, who is from Stuebenville.

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Keith--I did exchange rushed pleasantries with someone, but actually I'm not a Brush Arc...I'm a Perry Pirate ;-).

Was in Lyndhurst again today, though...they have a branch of the Cleveland Clinic in Beachwood and I go there sometimes for medical purposes. Today was one of those days. They might as well call that RTA 94 bus the EC Tour Bus...doesn't go by Brush HS but does go by his kids' school...and the current home of Sodja Music, where the Razz used to get many of their instruments and for all I know do again today (and across the street from the mall where I first met him).

It's probably a lucky thing Mrs. C. is done having kids, or I might run into her in the Clinic hallways...yikes! That's OK, if I'm going to see anyone from the Carmen clan I'd rather have it be in a place like the Cheesecake Factory!

It's funny, as a kid I used to think of Richmond Heights and Lyndhurst as these faraway magic places where *RASPBERRIES* were known to roam in their native habitat...now I just get on the bus and go, to do things like visit the doctor or buy a computer.

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I think one of the best local songs which should have been much bigger than it was is Born & Raised on Rock & Roll by Beau Coup. This would be cool for the Raspberries to re-do and put on an upcoming CD.

The lyrics could be altered a little from "I was born in the midwest, where they coined the phrase that they still call Rock-n-Roll" to "I was born on the north coast, where they coined the phrase that they still call Rock-n-Roll."

I know Eric probably had some influence on the song since he's thank'd inside the cover.

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