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Cleveland Roll Call

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Hi Everyone,

Who'll be in Cleveland for the show on 7/15? Anyone interested in meeting for a post-show get together. Any suggestions for the location? My husband Dave and I will be staying at the Holiday Inn Express on Euclid. They have a fairly large atrium area that we could use as a meet up locale.

Open to any and all suggestions!! Sound off please! smilie

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I'll be there with three of my sisters and my cousin. A post-show get-together I probably can't do, as I'll be catching a ride home...and I'm going to an Indians game with my office and my other sister and my nieces the following day. But sheesh, if you see me at the concert, and you know who I am, say hello!

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Herman and I are going, and we're making plans as we speak! I can't wait! A summer night in Cleveland, the Cuyahoga River, The Knack, and then, our favorite band, RASPBERRIES!!! And if ALL my dreams come true, Aunt Muriel will come out and I'll get to meet a fabulous "girl" violist that the great George Szell actually made an exception and hired! On the 15th, I'll be singing,

"Hey, Aunt Muriel, won't you come out tonight?

The stars are shining and the time is so right,

Your favorite nephew's playin' all the songs you want to hear..."

"And although it's Raspberries music that I love...Hey, Aunt Muriel, you're the one I'm thinking of..."

I hope, along with everything else, that I get to talk to this beautiful, virtuosic lady.

smile --Darlene

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A group of my friends over on www.clarksonline.com will be going to the show and are meeting up at Shooters in the Flats around 5:30.

Hope to see some of you there!!

Still have 1 Reserved seat available!!! $39.00 bought at pre-sale, I eat the ticket*astard charges!! Please don't make us use a premium seat to set our beers on, that would be a shame!!

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I live in Milwaukee and not sure if I can get you payment in time. I am a loyal fan....If I could make it to Shooters at around 5:30PM could I buy the ticket from you then. I would pay the extra charges too so you would not get stuck with them.

(I have never done anything this crazy but I gotta see these guys perform one more time!)

Other fans like Laura and Hummingbird can vouch for me. Whadda ya think?


P.S. How far is it to the show from the Flats? Can you help me out with directions?

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