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Raspberries/The Knack, Lennon/McCartney


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I was just listening to "Get The Knack" and it struck me how clearly I could hear the inspiration by Beatles music as Paul wrote--a bit sweeter without the harder edge John had. Raspberries sounds like Beatles music the way John would have written for Raspberries--with that harder edge. I hear a lot of Raspberryesque stuff in that album. Doug Fieger even counts the first cut on the album off with 1,2,3,4! in a very "Eric" way. I just loved that The Knack opened for Raspberries in Cleveland at The Scene Pavilion.

smile --Darlene

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A few years back I saw a special with The Knack on DirecTv...And yes it was strange to see Doug Fieger, pushing 50, singing "Good Girls Don't"...But he and the rest of the band still sounded great...I enjoyed "finally" seeing them...Because of course I only saw them on TV a couple of times, back in the day...And never for more than one or two songs.

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The guitar solo in "My Sharona" is one of the most under-rated guitar solos in the history of rock and roll (plus it's a lot of fun to play as well).

I agree! And I greatly enjoyed hearing Burton burn on their cover of "Tequilla" at the Scene Pavilion show last year. He's definitely a great one.
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I just read this thread and just had to jump in.

My passion for The Knack is only supplanted by my passion for the Raspberries.

Get the Knack is a power pop masterpiece. As "hook filled" as any record/cd ever released.

The sad part is that that Fieger and the band got nailed as mysogynist pedophiles. Dave Marsh wrote a review of GTK for Rolling Stone that has to stand as the all time over the top, I am taking this way too seriously, news item. Marsh took the tone that GTK is the end of Western Civilization. No joke...he even was forced to admit years later that this was perhaps his low point of his reviewing career. Marsh and others actually proposed that the album promoted sex with underage girls. Some commentators said it advocated sex with children! Rubbish...but it did taint the band with a sleazy smear that was hard to shake.

Then Fieger releases " Baby Talks Dirty" which does steer close to weird, kinky stuff just to tick the critics off. Bad move smile

Also, Fieger has denied that he meant to pay homage to the Beatles. He claims the outfits were patched together from their real clothes and that the photo on the back cover was an accidental likeness. Also the title " Get the Knack" was a popular rally cry for groupies of the band in the year prior to the album being recorded.

Personally I think Doug is being coy here. Clearly he has to know how the bands image was going to be received.

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I just bought the DVD "Getting the Knack." It should put to rest all of the BS about them. I love that first record. If anyone is still interested in them, they should get "Re-zoom" which came out a few years ago. It's as good as the first album, plus it includes a rockin' version of Badfinger's "No Matter What."

One of the best things about the Knack, IMO, was the barrage of great power pop bands that put out albums after them, like 20/20, Shoes (technically their first LP came out earlier), the Records, Paul Collins Beat, Plimsouls, Bram Tchaikovsky, etc....

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