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Hey Pierson

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Do you imagine Tom Waits covering All By Myself?Yes it could be a bit extreme but better this than Il Divo or Celine Dion.and do you imagine Scissor Sisters remixing I Wanna Hear It From Your Lips(I heard Eric´s 5th album on Yahoo and I only liked American As Apple Pie and the beginning of The Way We Used To Be,but a remix of I Wanna Hear It...by Scissor Sisters would be kitsch...

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Waits doing "All By Myself" would be interesting & yes, much better than any diva doing it...

u made me pull out the 1984 "Eric Carmen" album... some really good songs, atrocious production (although the vocals are very strong... i just can't handle the faceless female backing vocals and drum machines and cheesey synths-- all of which was "state of the art" back then)...

Scissor Sisters could have a go at "I Wanna Hear It From Your Lips"

"American As Apple Pie"... no comment

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