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Your Gonna Lost That Girl


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My brother recently saw America and they are doing YGLTG as part of their set. He actually said it was as good if not better than the Beatles version, and he's a Beatles fan.

That would be a fun little audio nugget to wake up some Sunday, since I only saw the Cleveland debut concert and see how the Raspberries covered it so I can show him America's got nothing on the 'berries. ;-)

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Caught them at The Birchmere last week and they were good! In fact I had seen them years ago and the set they did back then wasn't as tight as this one was. Really great to have so many of our old faves on the road again! Gives us oldies but goodies a nice night out on the town.....

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WOW...YGLTG...That would be an awesome song to hear the Raspberries sing. I've always loved that song, even though I was a so-so Beatles fan. I'm imagining how great Eric's voice will sound singing it.

Actually, Robin, you'll have to do some reimagining. Wally sings lead on YGLTG, with Eric and Dave respectively doing the Paul and George backup vocals.
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