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Additional Meet & Greet


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I just received official notification from Jim Bonfanti that there *will* be a MEET AND GREET for GA ticket holders. The number will be limited and will require an additional fee so as not to undervalue the previously sold $100 tickets.

Advance notice will be posted here at the website and a link will be provided to sign up. Then, on the night of the show, a wristband will be distributed allowing access to the MEET AND GREET.

Stay tuned for the details and good luck to everyone wishing to participate.


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Bernie I have balcony seats but I'll ask a question that might be on the minds of GA ticket holders: Do GA ticket holders who want to get first dibs for placement in the hall have to pay $50 for the HoB pre-show meal and on top of that also pay another fee if they also want to do the "Meet & Greet"?

Thank you.


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WOW - look what transpired while I was away from my computer today! This is F A B U L O U S ! Of course, I'm already nervous that I'll miss out on this, though. I know it's limited in number, and my luck has been lousy with that lately.

Nonetheless, a huge THANK YOU to Jim and the other guys for making this happen. I'm going to give it my best shot to be part of this!!!!


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...So let's see...Buy the plane ticket, buy the taxi, buy the hotel, buy the pre-show, buy the show ticket, buy the souvineers, buy the post-show meet and greet, buy the pictures, buy the breakfast, buy the taxi back to the airport...And on Monday:


But if you only do that once every 31 years, it doesn't stay on your credit record...Yippie! :)

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Will the photographer be able to wipe out the drool from the corner of my mouth digitally?....nah, I'll be so nervous, I'll have cotton mouth...

"Hi, I'm Eric...I mean...Hi Eric, I'm Annie...so nice to..."

that's when they pick me up off the floor.

Betcha the photographer will get that, too!

Excellent......of course, now i have to get a wristband!!!

Julia, you and i will hold each other up!


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Just an idea- I have seen pictures of another band's meet and greet photos and they are a photo of the band and about 5 other meet and greeters in a shot.

Bernie, do you know how the band will be taking the photos? With individuals or a few people at a time? Also, can we get autographs at the meet and greet? Just curious, would love more details! Thanks, Julie

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This is so exciting...

Look, I'm kind of new here so I need to introduce myself. Raspbernie will know me as the person who just ordered "Marathon Man" off of him through Amazon.com (nice job, BTW) and Ken Sharp, for that matter, may remember me too from back when he published "Overnight Sensation." Anyway, I'm an old, old fan (well, maybe not that old...it just seems that way sometimes) from way back. Been following the 'Berries since my older sisters turned me on to them at age 11...yes, even then I had taste. smile And even better, I was growing up in Lake County (right next door to Cleveland and home to Mentor, Eastlake, etc.) so these guys were my true local heroes. They truly proved that you could be from Cleveland and make something of yourself, and I will never forget it.

But alas and alack, I wasn't old enough to see them in concert before they broke up (waah!). I did see Eric at the '77 Music Hall show (and remember him dropping the guitar on his foot!) and actually met him twice (long stories there...). Also, I became a contributor to the Carmen Connection newsletter back in the late '70s/early '80s and that really inspired me to pursue a writing career. It's been a bumpy ride, but I think things worked out for the best for me...after nearly 20 years in upstate NY I moved back to Cleveland this year, and lo and behold, what happens after I do but...the RASPBERRIES GET BACK TOGETHER!!!! Are some things meant to be or what????

To make a long story short, my older sisters and I now have three GA tickets for an event we thought we might never live to see. And although I haven't been involved with this board before (a long story having to do with needing to buy a new computer soon to replace my ancient one that can't handle this kind of stuff), I have been reading your comments and I would love to meet some of you cool people who are coming from everywhere just to see this show. I can't promise it would be for dinner before the show (I have no idea what my sisters will want to do) but the rest of my Friday is free (I'm off work...breakfast anyone??) and I would love to hit the Rock Hall on Saturday with you guys.

Anyway, this was just a quick way to say hi and to say please, please let us GA folks know about that extra M&G...we're drooling already!

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