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Hey Kev,

Re-read that info. You can buy $39.50 seats now in any quantities UP to 10. The same goes for the $25 GA tickets. As for the premium $55 tickets, there was a supply on hand this morning but all were snatched up pretty quickly. The Ticketmaster site shows some sort of "Best Buy" pre-sale tomorrow morning. Is that a promotion with a local Best Buy electronics store? Does anyone locally know what that's about or how to get a password for the sale for anyone who missed out this morning?

For those of you who scored tickets: Get ready for a FANTASTIC HOMETOWN SHOW!


PS: I deleted your link as it was to the MEMBERS ONLY page. If you haven't already signed up you'd have trouble checking out without a password.

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Best Buy presales are for people who belong to Best Buy's Rewards program. You pay a few $ and then get points for purchases and $5 coupons for hitting a certain amount of points I just looked for more information on Best Buy's Rewards site since I have a membership but found no information on any specific presale let alone the 'Berries. Maybe they only show offers according to the number of points you have, so I can't see it.

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