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The Severance Hall Story

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Marie, Thanks for the link to Severance Hall. What a magnificent venue! WOW!!!! Clevelanders know how to house an orchestra in the grandest style! The 34 million dollar renovation of our beloved War Memorial in Trenton doesn't even come close to the royal opulence of this hall!

October 6th won't come quickly enough for me!

smile --Darlene

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Eric, I am so happy for you!! This must be a dream come true for you. It is for me and I just want to listen. I can only imagine your anticipation to play in this wonderful hall especially given the history to you. You belong here Eric, you always have, and now finally, you will be getting what's long over due you. I couldn't be more proud,(as if I had the right) but that is how I feel.

I will be honored to be there Eric and lend my support and have an awesome time. This is sure a dream of mine come true. Just a suggestion but Runaway sure would sound pretty cool with a full live orchrastra, but it's just a suggestion. wink

Thanks for sharing your cool story too Eric, I enjoyed it.

Love June king

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Eric, seeing you at Severence Hall will be a real life event for me. While you were working your way from Ridgebury Elementary to Brush High, I was at Anderson Elementary, Memorial, then Brush. I followed your career and enjoyed and identified with your music. It will be with great pride that I attend the show....you are truly a living legend and a major influence in my life. Thank you.

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