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AC and cake pics


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WOW, the band was amazing in AC! I'm at a loss for words, they were just incredible. The meet and greet was a lot of fun, I'm so happy I got to go to it!

I was truly honored to give the band a cake I made, just a small way of giving something back to them in return for all they've given me all these years. smile

Here's some pics... if Gene took pics, I'm sure they'll be better, but you get the idea...



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thanks, everyone, it's nice to have your work appreciated. smile

I'd be upset if people didn't cut and eat my cakes, that'd be like Eric recording a song and no one listening to it... it's my passion, and it's meant to enjoy, so dig in!

Al, I'm happy to hear it was a hit, that's the icing on the cake! haha

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ACK, noooooo! Don't call me "the cake lady"! eek

There's this woman who I have actually met at cake shows (I THINK her last name is Kuyper), and she lays claim to the title "the cake lady"... one night on Jay Leno, Jay referred to someone else as "the cake lady" and this Kuyper woman SUED him, saying she "owns" the title "the cake lady" ! crazy

Psycho... happy

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