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Most dissappointing no-show


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This might be the only question Carmen Smalley hasn't asked. I know I am not the only one who has missed an Eric concert for one reason or another. What was your most dissappointing miss? This is just for fun, no sour grapes and no picking on Eric (well, not too sour). I've been within 20 feet of the 'berries and 10 feet from Eric, so I have no reason to complain. That being said, my biggest dissappointment was waiting all morning in line and being the FIRST person in line at the Santa Monica Civic auditorium box office (back when being first in line actually meant you got the best tickets) around '76 or '77, only to have the guy behind the ticket window open up and say the Eric Carmen concert had been cancelled. Grrrrrr. A close second might be the cancelled Ringo show in Orange County when Eric was watching the Dixie Chicks with my wife down the street at the Pond (or was he at Disneyland?). Don't worry, Darlene, this is just part of my prescribed therapy program spin Kirk.

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harris, the original board went up in May of 1997, and I was fortunate enough to have been given a heads up about it by Randy, a fellow EC fan I met online who is still a member here. I made the 6th post on the original board only a day after the board went online spin

(don't contact me at that e-mail address, it's long gone, I have a different server now)

I met a lot of nice people back in those days (and one that was a stinker, happily cyberspace seems to have eaten her alive), I wish they'd still keep in touch on occasion... yeah, Chris, that was a hint :p

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Speaking of no-shows, just a heads-up on the upcoming Eric Clapton tour......Billy Preston, who was supposed to be playing keyboards, is not likely for the first part of the tour....has some serious kidney problems---in fact, had to stay in the hospital and not be able to attend Ray Charles' memorial services......

But getting back to disappointing no-shows, it had to be the two opening bands at a Kiss concert in 1977. Was supposed to be Uriah Heep as the second act, and Bob Seger as the opener. A few days before the concert, Heep cancelled.

Seger moves to the #2 slot, and Earthquake is slotted for being the opener. Good band, good choice.

But then, a few hours before the show, Earthquake cancelled, and we got Point Blank at the last minute instead.

It was bad enough not having Earthquake(a local band I am familar with) nor Heep(a band that I was kind of curious about).....but getting this really awful replacement band really topped it off.

Still, both Seger and Kiss were quite good.

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My most disappointing no-show of all time was, without question......ME!!!! My entire family wanted me to take the drive to Ohio to see Eric at the Hall of Fame show and I felt guilty, as I have always taken my daughters on any kind of vacation, so I didn't go. I really, really, really thought that concert would bring him back out on the road, especially with the Ringo tour (that I attended) being so successful, so I chose to wait until he came to Chicago, which, as I check my watch and four years have gone by, still, unfortunately, hasn't happened.

The supposed "Beatle tour" that he was going to do with Todd Rundgren (or instead of, however that went) was disapponting, too, when that got cancelled.

At least I've been fortunate to see him alone or with the Raspberries seven times.

Kirk's ticket story reminds me of something that happened to me when I was a teenager in the 70's....

Me and a friend went to wait overnight at a Ticketmaster for George Harrison tickets in the freezing cold winter. When we got there, we were first in line! We waited and waited and waited and three hours later, there still wasn't anybody that was "second" in line, so we thought "if we go home and go to sleep, how bad can our tickets be?"

We bussed it back home, got some sleep, and went back a few hours later. We were ninth in line...still not bad, right?

The machine broke down, as number eight's tickets were printing!!!!!!

We panicked and after waiting for about ten minutes, went to a pay phone and called my dad, who drove to get us and tried to drive us down to the old Chicago Stadium, about fifteen miles in the other direction. Tha maching never got fixed, as we visualized tickets being sold everywhere we weren't.

By the time we got down there, the concert was, of course, sold out.

Harrison never toured to Chicago again!

I was NOT happy!

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That's easy for me. The Arista "One Year Anniversary Party" at Avery Fisher Hall in New York City. I tried everywhere to get tickets and couldn't, called CAM-USA and finally reached Clive Davis by phone myself. He assured me that there were no tickets left, and he couldn't get me any. I was so aggravated, I told him as much on the phone. I also told him that I was sure if I were a relative of his, he would be saving me tickets. I finally called the box office to see if anyone had turned in tickets at the last minute, and they had. It was wonderful! They saved them for me at the box office.

I took a quick hop over by bus, not wanting to deal with parking, etc. What a crowd turned out to see this extravaganza! Clive Davis was strolling up and down the aisles before the show, making himself as conspicuous as possible, looking very important as only he can. The crowd seemed very expectant, and I actually saw Bette Midler there, as well as Patti Smith and Bob Dylan. What a night! A lot of celebrities showed up to see "what Clive hath wrought." Clive had saved darling Melissa Manchester and Mr. Manilow for the last, but I did see some good acts at the beginning. I went down the program visually, to see when I could expect Eric's grand debut.

As the act before him ended, my little motor was humming, and my heart was in high gear. Then, some guy came onto the stage and announced, "The truck bearing the equipment of Eric Carmen has broken down outside of Cleveland," (or something like that), and "and he will not be appearing tonight. But, for your entertainment, we present Gil Scott Heron and the Midnight Band."

I felt like this guy just pulled the rug out from under me. I was sitting with a bunch of EC fans I had met in the line at the box office, and we were just flabbergasted, not to mention dejected.

The rest of the show was like an afterthought for us. I loved Melissa Manchester, but couldn't even enjoy any song (except for "Midnight Blue") as much as I would have, because I was so disappointed. One of the guys knew somebody involved with the show, and we found ourselves back in the wings for Barry's performance. He refused, at first, to go out for an encore. Somebody told him to do it, and he wouldn't. Finally he said "%$&$&& 'em--I'm NOT doing it!"

But Clive, or whoever, prevailed, and out he went, bending over the piano and cooing to the crowd how much he loved them, and "This one's for YOU!" Someone later said they saw Eric sitting in the back of the hall, looking dejected.

We wound up going to the big bash at the Marriott Essex house,which was unbelievable. I went with Barry Manilow's bass player. There was an unending flow of drinks, free albums and lines to the telephone making transatlantic calls, all on Arista. Arista even bought me film for my camera when it ran out of film. Melissa Manchester asked me what size film I needed it, asked for it, and Clive had it brought up! I met Dylan, Patti Smith, Melissa, Barry (who was still unbelievable surly), Clive, Melissa's parents and a host of other people, but it all didn't do much to assuage my deep disappointment. One song by Eric would have made me happier than all of the rest of it.

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In searching for my own posts on the original message board, I've come across regulars JCraft, Seattle Steve, Kirk, June (Mymooladi), Dave (LobsterLvr), Craig Benfer, Bob Allen, Hosskratz, and, I think, Michele. Loyal fans, obviously, and quite dedicated to the message board! I'm sure there are others hidden in there. The new message board is so much better organized - and to think I worried I wouldn't like it.


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It is interesting to read the old stuff. I just found my review from the Ringo tour (06/08/00) and can't believe what a great night that was. I can still see that like it was yesterday and it's hard to believe that was already over four years ago! Wish I had a DVD of that show........

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I've always had a fear that Eric would cancel on me, but he never did! Saw him with the Berries, The Dirty Dancing Tour, and with Ringo. I've never seen him solo.

This thread reminds me that 31 years ago (high school graduation week ) I had tickets to see Led Zepplin and the Beach Boys on two successive nights in Boston. I got strep and the measles and had to give my tickets away. (Had it been the Raspberries, I would have gone to 'the gahden' with my fever, soar throat and rash!!!)

Dave (still here after 7 years) Shea


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