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Springsteen Audience Tape -- Pittsburgh, PA!


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Here's what Bruce had to say before playing "All That Heaven Will Allow" on stage in Pittsbugh, PA on July 28, 2005:

"This is me, headin' to the bar—I had this white Ford pickup. It had a cassette player in it—there weren't any CDs at that time. And I kept this small cassette of the "Raspberries Greatest Hits." They have gotten no respect. They have still to get any respect, the Raspberries. Why, I don't know? Because of all of the power pop on the guitars. They wrote a bunch of great songs.They had an especially great record called "Overnight Sensation." Which was a classic and beautiful pop record. If you haven't heard it, go get "Overnight Sensation." If not, y'know, next time say, 'Bruce, your taste sucks,' or whatever, I don't know. But it's a great record."



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it is very cool that bruce devotes a minute of his concert to "plug" the greatest pop/rock band ever.

but have any of you noticed that while we HAVE been hearing from bruce lately..... we have NOT been hearing from marvin.....?????come to think of it....i've never seen those two together??????????

this would explain much of marvs behavior!!!!!!!

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People do listen to Bruce.

Another neighbor stopped by to let me know he was also at the Milwaukee concert and heard Bruce's comments. He also let me he just went out bought the Raspberries Greatest CD. (His first Raspberries CD.) I guess Springsteen's recommendation carried a little more weight then mine.


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Only good things can come from this. I think what he is doing is very unselfish of him. He's taking the time out of his consert to plug another band, our band, you can't knock a guy when he's doing that. I think Raspberries are on a roll and ever bit helps. Who knows if there are fans in the audience who were fans before and don't know they are back together again. This is a great way to spread the word. This is a good thing.

June happy

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Thanks so much for putting this up, Bernie. It's so cool to hear, right from Bruce's mouth, that he respects and admires Raspberries and that he doesn't know why they haven't gotten the respect they deserve. Coming from Bruce Springsteen, that is HUGE! And the fact that he's said it several times, to several different audiences, speaks volumes about his concern about that.

People do indeed listen to Bruce. They respect his opinion, and he knows that, so he can clown around and say, "you can tell me my opinion sucks if you think so." He knows people value his judgment, so he also knows it's quite an endorsement of Raspberries that he's putting out there. That is *wicked* cool--and worth its weight in gold!

smile --Darlene

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..and so the truth can now be revealed: My disappearance from the Message Board is due to the fact that I've been spending the last few months on tour with Bruce as his stage hand, feeding him those "Raspberries are great" cues from stage left. In fact just a few weeks ago, we exchanged this conversation:

MARVIN: Hey Bruce did you know that Raspberries are back together and touring?

BRUCE: Raspberries? Really? Man they were a fun band....great vocals...great playing...Way ahead of their time.

MARVIN: Yeah you got that right. Too bad not enough people out there recognize this fact.

BRUCE: Me 'n' Steve 'round the time we were doin' "The River", man we used to listen to that stuff all the time. They did that song "Overnight Sensation"...that song is like a symphony.

MARVIN: Yeah it really is, just like "Good Vibrations."

BRUCE: In fact, it's a pop symphony. Hmm...I like that. But you know what? They should have done more songs with girls names and cars in them. Like...uh..."Drivin' Around with Rosie", or "Last Dance with Mary"...You know what I mean?

MARVIN: Yes good point.

BRUCE: Yeah they were way ahead of their time, but you never know, maybe their time is now.

..and the rest as they say, is history. wink


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