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New Audio Files!


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I've wanted "No Matter What" for years, and now I forget how I got it but have a version. I was surprised to hear how many covers in the day Wally sang lead on. He does on NMW, and if memory serves I think he even did on either Maybe I'm Amazed or Let it Be, which I thought both had Eric written all over. Wally did a fine job with vocals on many of the covers back then.

He still does a mean Lennon to EC's Macca.

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Special thanks for the Change of Heart demo.

Heck, would you believe that when I told someone about the potential show at Severance Hall, her first reaction was NOT "The guy who sang 'ABM'?" Rather, it was "Didn't he sing 'Change of Heart'?" No kidding. If this doesn't get her to the board, nothing will!


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The style of piano playing on the "COH" demo has always intrigued me. I really can't see Eric composing it in that manner. I'm also trying to imagine it as a waltz in 3/4 time; try dropping the double bass first beat and change the meter a little and it just kind of spins you around the room. Kirk.

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