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First Pitch


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My family & I usually vacation in Florida in March to coincide with spring training. We always catch at least a couple of Indians games. Well, there is one particular game I will never forget, but it had nothing to do with the game itself. While sitting & waiting for the game to begin, we hear the announcer say "And now throwing out the first pitch from Cleveland, Ohio Eric Carmen". My wife and I both looked at each in total disbelief. Of course we watched where he exited and ran over to introduce ourselves and profess our love of his music. Eric was very gracious & very friendly. We talked for a couple of minutes and had our picture taken. My daughter actually had Eric's "I Was Born to Love You Cd" in her backpack as we were listening to it in the car & she wanted to continue to listen on her walkman. So we actually had something for Eric to sign. The following week we went to Eric's show at the Rock & Roll Of Fame. It was defintely a very cool couple of weeks !!

If you'd like to see that pic & pics from the Rock HOF.

Here's the link :


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I thought Eric was in a Cleveland uniform for the first pitch ? If anyone is vacationing in the Winter Haven area I can hook you up with a great deal on a condo. Visit my web site at www.flcondos4rent.com . Jan/March are tough months to book with Spring Training but other months are wide open. Its a nice little town close to every thing !

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