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Tickets on Sale NOW!!


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Anybody got any idea how HOB seats are picked? Do they process them picking from all the seats before the regular sale or does HOB have set blocks of tickets they must pick from?

Since we don't know what seats we get from HOB until they ship, I'm wondering if its worth seeing what kind of seats I can find from TM on Saturday.

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HOB gives you the best seat available, as does TM. So being a few days early will get you a better seat. HOB owns the Scene Pavillion. When I ordered seats for the 11/26/04 reunion i got 3 rd row center balcony. Cant get any better than that without knowing someone. The floor seats at SP are good seats, esp. if you get Section 1 (Center STage).

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I was infront on Wally for the NYE show. I agree wholeheartedly. It was worth the back pain the next day (standing on your feet for 4 hours). The NYE show was memorable just because I got meet more Berry fans and seeing Wally play that damn guitar. It was like 1973 all over again at the Agora, just 30 years and 30 pounds later. I assume we will see you in Cleveland in July

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Even though we hate them and they are terrible for the industry, If you wait until next week, the evil ticket brokers will have tickets. Luckily the most expensive ticket has a face value of only $55.00, so if you think it is worth it, you should be able to get within the first 5 rows in the center for about $125 per ticket.

It's pretty crappy how there are so many legitimate people trying their best to get tickets, and the brokers have "Customers" that go after whatever they can and have no interest in attending the show. mad

I hope that everyone ends up getting decent tickets! smile

I will be patiently waiting for a Wisconsin or Illinois show.


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Whew. I got 4 floor tickets and they are for me and my sisters unless any of them say they can't make it or aren't interested (and the youngest might given that she is going to NY with me). If I should have any extras, I will let folks know.

In the meantime, I'm just so excited because it's going to be summertime and I'm going to be seeing the ultimate summertime band in the ultimate environment to see them in, outside. I only hope the weather is beautiful! But even if it isn't. the concert can only be so bad, right? I mean, we're talking RASPBERRIES here!

I still have to pinch myself whenever I think about the fact that I have even been to a Raspberries concert...much less three...much less that even have tickets to a Raspberries concert...much less that I have tickets to three...I keep telling myself, "Someday you're going to wake up from this dream and find out that it was really nice, but come on...like they would ever really get back together, much less give concerts and release a CD and a DVD of the things...what did you eat before bed?"

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