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"Tonight" 45...refresh my memory


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I'm making some corrections to an online lyric site. (You wouldn't believe how "off" some of them are. And the bad thing is, once a lyric appears wrong once, it's copied endlessly to other sites like a bad gene!)

I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the "Won't you let me sleep with you" line near the end of "Tonight" was edited out of the promo 45s supplied to radio stations in 1973. What I can't recall with absolute certainty is whether it was also edited out of the commercially released 45. As this site purports to have lyrics to singles only, the presence of this line would be incorrect if the line was edited from the commercial 45 as well, as I believe it was.

I'm sure I have the 45 somewhere, but locating it might involve some serious excavation that I'd rather avoid! Can anyone locate their copy, give a listen and let me know? Thanks!

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Yeah, it was left off the commercially released 45, too. My sister had it. I remember that clearly.

I also remember not really understanding what that line meant on the LP anyway (being but 11 years old at the time), but knowing that it referred to something Very Naughty. ;-)

What dear innocent days those were...

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