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Good Morning Starshine: The Best of Oliver

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"Completely remastered from the best sources available, this CD is a 'must have' for music lovers and collectors alike. It features his very best recordings including the original hits 'Good Morning Starshine,' 'Jean,' and 'Sunday Mornin'.' THE BEST OF OLIVER also includes the ultra-rare duet 'Come Softly To Me' by Oliver and Lesley Gore and 'Light The Way,' composed and arranged by Eric Carmen in 1969!"


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I don't know....Gliddy glip gloopy, Nibby Nobby Newbie la la la lo lo? Laba shimmy shalla Looby blah blah.....? Rock & Roll Magic. This has to be the record for Most consecutive meaningless words ever put together in a composition..... But.... I really like the song!!!! happy

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Oliver's fascinating --- both "Good Morning Starshine" and "Jean" went Top 10 in 1969, "Jean" went gold, and he had a third Top 40 hit in 1969 with "Sunday Mornin'."

Billboard's 1969 Year-End issue had "Good Morning Starshine" and "Jean" as two of the year's biggest hits. Then the following year he peaked at #97 with "Angelica" and that was his final chart hit (the fourth of four Hot 100 singles).

I've got copies of the "Prism" album (two LPs and an 8-track tape) with Eric's "Light The Way" (published by Magic Raspberries Publishing; interesting story on that company in Bernie and Ken's "Marathon Man" book, pages 65-66) on it. Oliver also covered a song by another young kid on the block, Elton John's "Your Song," on that album.

Oliver charted with two albums - "Good Morning Starshine" at #19 in 1969 and "Oliver Again" at #71 in 1971, but unfortunately, "Prisms" didn't chart (despite me buying three copies - LOL!).

Don smile

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Good Morning Starshine played constantly on my turntable my first year of teaching in Roanoke (outside Peoria), Illinois. I used to sunbathe to it and bop around the house doing my housecleaning to it. Of course, that was a few years before Raspberries.

This collection sounds like a "must-have." I love "Light the Way," but you're right, it's worth a smirk and a giggle when one thinks of the recording of it.

smile --Darlene

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