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Original Key Signatures?

Billy K.

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Again, not having been to the concert, I don't know for sure....but thought I'd ask......did the band do everything in the original key?

There have been times where singers have adjusted the key signature of the song perfomed live, compared to the original recording. Quite often, it is lowered because people can't hit the high ones.

But there are other reasons, too. As far as giving it a different feel. In the early 70s, the Beach Boys did "Help Me Rhonda" in the key of A, which is not the original key, and more grit into the guitar. Likewise, Eric Clapton's second version of "After Midnight" is not only slower, but also in a different key.

One thing about "Preserved" is that a few of the songs covered are NOT in the original key. This gives changes the vibe of the song, if you haven't noticed.

So, I certainly hope the Berries did the songs in the original key....did they?

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Some songs the keys were changed for various reasons including they are not so young anymore and their voices have changed and with the addition of "The Overdubs" some songs just sounded better in a different key. But in all honesty, everything sounded better than it was originally recorded or played live in the 70's

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Those aren't very major/noticeable changes at all. And, with the addition of The Overdubs, some of the changes probably have more to do with the blend of vocal timbres than actually hitting the notes. Different voices sound better in different keys, due to the uniqueness of vocal chords to each person, and certain people sound different on individual notes than they do on others. When separate voices have to blend, some keys work better than others. I know, because I have had nodules on my vocal chords for thirty years and can no longer sing at all very well, and can't even sing past a second space treble A a lot of the time. Thank God that doesn't affect my violin playing at all!

smile --D

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