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Boats Against The Current/Change Of Heart, June 26, 2007?


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CD UNIVERSE and AMAZON.COM both list a CD called "Boats Against The Current/Change Of Heart" by Eric Carmen as being reissued on June 26, 2007 from a label called Allumination Filmworks (oddly, not from Arista Records).

Allumination Filmworks is based in California, which means this would be a U. S. release, and they have a website at http://www.alluminationfilmworks.com --- they do reissue CDs and DVDs (from a number of artists, including Ian Hunter), but I can't find a mention of Eric on the site (as of this posting).

So, is this for real? Is it a 2-for-1 (2 albums on one CD)? There's no track listings with the album info on the CD Universe and Amazon websites, so if this release is coming, will there be bonus tracks?

Anyway, CD Universe is taking pre-orders according to their listing ($13.98 list, with a much lower pre-purchase price, according to that site).

Interesting that it would be released the same day as the tentaive release date for Raspberries "Live On The Sunset Strip" from Rykodisc.

If this release is actually coming out, then it sounds like the 30th Anniversary of "Boats Against The Current" may be riding the seas pretty well this year.

Don Krider smile


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...meanwhile, in the EricCarmen.Com Waiting Room, Kenny Loggins and Ann Wilson are stepping up to sing "Almost Paradise" (originally a #7 chart hit in 1984 for Ann Wilson and Mike Reno, written by Eric Carmen and Dean Pitchford for the movie "Footloose," and later a 1989 "Dirty Dancing Live" single by Eric Carmen and Merry Clayton on RCA --- whew!) on a Lifetime TV special in this video at (takes time to load, but it's cool):


Don Krider smile

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While awaiting a news briefing, in the green room we have The G-City Rockers from Georgia performing their version of Eric Carmen's "That's Rock 'n' Roll" in a video using images from the "South Park" TV series: http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&videoid=814348454 (that's "South Park" residents Butters on drums and Eric Cartman at the piano, for those not in the know)...

Don Krider :-)

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Don, when I click on the link to allumination link that was on the CD Universe website that EC release is listed third down on the list. And I note that while the other releases are $7 and change, this one is $10 and change for a pre-order, making me think that it is ideed a two-cd set.

Hey Paulie,

That link is to a page on the CD Universe site itself showing Allumination Filmworks titles that CD Universe carries, but if you go to Allumination Filmworks own website at http://www.alluminationfilmworks.com I can't find Eric's album(s) listed in their catalog or under "coming soon," which is a bit confusing.

I guess someone will let us know the final answer soon.

Don smile

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