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Raspberries to Play Denver


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How are you, Jeff ? smile

The Coors amphitheatre is an outdoor venue a little south of the city. It's quite large, too.

Hi Marlene!

Thanks for the hello smiley laugh All is fine .. sitting in Starbucks in Ikebukuro (Kazumi knows where this is cool ), I haven't had a lot of time to contribute on the site lately, but am very excited that there will be a 'Berries summer cummin !

I don't know if I can make the Denver show, as I may have to be in Europe that weekend -- it sounds like the venue is a really nice one -- but my wife and I will certainly catch some summer shows !!

I miss seeing and hanging with all you guys, too -- you're all such great people -- that's half the enjoyment !! .. I hope we will all catch up soon ..

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Kazumi, agreed -- this city is a place to visit, not to live -- the provinces are beautiful, though -- but also would get boring after a while.

I wonder if the 'Berries will or even would want to play here ? Bernie ? I know EC (and I also think the 'Berries) are puh-retty popular here !!

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This is awesome news!! I hope I can make it, I would love to be there. Oh this is great news indeed, other dates are coming too. This is so exciting for us fans but for the band too. I have butterflies in my stomach for them.

Congratulations, this is the start of something wonderful, ENJOY IT! laugh

June happy

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