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Raspberries to Play Denver


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How are you, Jeff ? smile

The Coors amphitheatre is an outdoor venue a little south of the city. It's quite large, too. There's a nice picture on the website. By July, the weather should be fabulous in Denver. Someone previously posted a list of the other bands...maybe it's on another thread.

For anyone who's thinking about coming...it's a great time of year to drive up into the mountains, go whitewater rafting or catch a Rockies game !!! We're a friendly bunch in Colorado, so I know not only would you have a fantastic time at the concert, you would enjoy your entire stay.

I'm coming down from my cloud a little bit now, so I'm happy to offer suggestions, a ride from the airport, etc to anybody that's planning the trip ! Marlene (still happy)

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So many things happened so long ago, that none of it probably matters much now. Whoever's on, it'll be fine. Once upon a time, the Berries didn't have a good relationship with the Berries. smile

All that's passed. Music is a great healer...So is performing. There are people who aren't my absolute favorites, but when we perform together, that pales into the background. The music's the thing.

smile --Darlene

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