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Eric and Jim calling into WRIT 95.7 FM Milwaukee tomorrow FRIDAY 6/24 !!

Al K

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The station does not have a live link but they a concert page for the Festival. Now I wish I was going. The Box Tops, Raspberries, and Bowling for Soup are on the Main Stage together. Maybe, I'll just have to get in my car and drive. If only there was someone to share a ride with. Someone please send in a review ASAP.


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OK, I live in Madison and didn't think I could get WRIT 70 miles away. But when I got in my car to drive to work at 7:40, I tried and, to my pleasant surprise, it came in fairly clearly. I quickly called Paula out to the car (in her pajamas) and we sat in the driveway and heard Eric and Jim. They only talked for about 5 minutes, but here's a short summary:

They talked about it being 32 years since they played together and about getting back together. Eric said they were young kids back when they broke up and they did a lot of growing up in the last 32 years.

Jim talked about what it was like that first night back in November. He said he felt like a race horse in the starting gate when the video was playing before the screen went up - very emotional. (It was for us in the audience too! - I still can't believe I was there)

Eric said that Carnegie Hall was one of the most memorable venues they played. Just walking out on stage where the Beatles once played was unbelievable. Jim concurred. He also said walking out in front of 70,000 people at the LA Colosium was an incredible feeling.

They asked Eric if he was doing any solo material at the show. He said, no, that this was strictly a Raspberries show. They had talked about it, but they have so many good songs in their catalog, there just wasn't room for it. At least not yet. (Hmmm)

They mentioned the other summer shows. The interviewer ended saying that the reviews have been great, and that they must have done the right thing by getting back together. Then he quoted the Chicago Sun Times:

"The Raspberries are one of the more remarkable stories in the history of American pop music, a notion they reaffirmed in a brilliant two-hour show Saturday night at the House of Blues."

The interview ended and the station played "Go All The Way". A nice way to drive in to work.

Sorry if I missed anything, but that was the jist of it. I'm not good at remembering every little detail, and I didn't record it, so I hope that will do.

3 more days until Waukesha!

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The concert was also discussed around 6:00pm last night on another local station, WISN, during an interview with the promoter of “A Taste of Summerâ€.

When the promoter started listing the performers, the host stopped him when he mention Raspberries. The host commented “The Raspberries are greatâ€. The only band he commented on. He then told the producer to find some Raspberries or Eric Carmen songs. (This is a talk radio station!) When the promoter finished discussing the line-up, the host went back to discussing Raspberries. He gushed for five minutes about how great the band was, and a little history of the group. The producer then queued up GATW, and played about half the song when the host broke in to say he was going to the concert. Did any other locals else hear it?


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That's a great question! It's also a GREAT radio show! A TALK show, playing GATW! Looking for a Raspberries song to play! Sounds like he just stopped the promoter cold and went on a Raspberries rampage! I LOVE IT! Thanks, Jeff and KC for sharing this! Things just keep getting better and better. Like I said, "it's EVERYWHERE!"

Raspberries was "written in the stars."

smile --Darlene

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