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Bernie Questions

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Eric is a GREAT guy with a terrific sense of humor, an amazing faculty for remembering dates, names, places with a rare talent for telling the absolute best stories. Read some of the past ASK ERIC columns and I'm sure you'll see what I mean.

My day job as an Art Director/Designer led to my involvement in creating Eric's official web site. As you can probably tell from my various ramblings here and there I am also a big fan of his music...and nothing would give me a bigger thrill than to have Eric call and say that he was working on a new album or had plans for a new tour.

Until then, at EricCarmen.com, we manage to get by with our hopes and our dreams and the music. Oh yes...the music. And while it may be true that Eric has not satisfied all of our cravings for it over the years...what he has given us, in my humble opinion, is still just about the best music that has ever been written or recorded!

And I'm sure there'll be more to come.


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Hey Bernie: Just a couple of follow-ups to the orginal question (being as I'm one of the new kids on the block).

Have you met any of the other Raspberries? If so, what were your impressions of them? Did you ever get to see the Berries play live?

How often do you get to talk with Eric or visit him?

Keep up the great work. This is one of the best sites I've seen and/or been involved with.


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Steve-o, I've met all of the former Raspberries...Wally, Jim, Dave, Scott and Michael. They're all good guys who are genuinely thankful for all of the support their fans have given them through the years.

I never saw them perform live as I discovered the band retroactively after buying Eric's first solo LP. A lot of the regular (and extraordinarily lucky!) posters on this Message Board have vivid Raspberries concert memories.

I see Eric whenever I find a good enough excuse smile and talk to him as often as I can. --Bernie

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wow, Bernie, I never realized you weren't a berries fan right from the start... I've got you beat on that one, I guess, I can still recall the first time I heard Eric (a berries demo sent to a radio station that a friend of mine got hold of), I said "I LOVE that singer, he's GREAT!"

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Tony Cartmill, I hope you can fabricate better untruths

than that when you come in at 2AM and your new wife asks you where you were!

I teach an elementary public school string program

full time, play in 3 symphony orchestras and do

freelance gigs and church jobs as a violinist besides, so unfortunately, I don't have time to

take an excursion to Cleveland. If I could, forget

stalking, I'd want to check out the local music

scene and the Hall of Fame. (I have a distinct aversion to garbage--I make my husband deal with THAT! smile

Bernie is the lucky one who sometimes goes to Cleveland. When I happily met him at Eric's New Brunswick, NJ gig with Ringo's All Starr Band, he

said he'd go to Cleveland to

check out Eric's local performances. Someday when

I retire, I might be able to find the time for a

trip or two. But till then...

By the way, Tony, WHERE do you live? When I retire, I'd just like to know, on what side of the

house do you keep your garbage cans???!!!!

PS Anthony is Italian (and you sound Italian) but

Cartmill is English, right? Aunt Antonietta wants

to know what side or part of you is Italian? (I'm

part Italian because my Grandfather's mother was

from Naples {Paladino}.) Just curious....

smile --Aunt Antonietta

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