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Rapspberries Must See TV 2005!


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When the Raspberries come back to Chicago they should promote their new album on "Oprah!" (Bernie you should promote Eric's Biography--- studies have shown every book that has appeared on her show becomes a best seller! Maybe when you update the book with the Raspberries reunion new chapter)

Los Angelos "The Tonight Show"

New York "Saturday Night Live" "Regis and Kelly", "Today Show", "MTV and or VH1" "David Letterman" and "Conan"

PBS "Soundstage" Just saw Brian Wilson on this and he was awesome!

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Not a hope in hell you'll ever see them on MTV or VH1. Last I heard VH1 even considers John Mellencamp not hip enough for thier playlist anymore. In fact the last time I saw VH1 they don't even play videos anymore. They've become an outlet for Entertainment Tonight, and an endless stream of "Best of the..." shows. I think they'd have a better shot on VH1 Classics.


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I get VH1 Classic and love it. This band would be SUCH a natural for them. First of all, they still play videos...they have theme shows like "The Super Seventies," "We Are the '80s," "Rock Fest," etc. They also have a show called "Classic/Current" in which they show old videos from an artist's past contrasted with their current work. (Let's remember, the Razz have no "old videos" in the classic sense but they do have those old Don Kirshner's Rock Concert clips.) Every time they promote a tour, it seems it's from some old band that just got back together after 10 or 15 years apart...etc. etc. In short, they're a natural for this channel. And yes, should they ever appear, I am recording it...

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