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Eric and Jim,

I feel your pain guys. Know that you have a loyal fan base that will love and support you forever. Posters before me have said it better than I can so I won't repeat their words.


How long do we wait for the official reason? Or might it be a bit embarrassing?

Tony, I don't feel we need an 'official' reason. A sincere apology was given by Jim and Eric. That's good enough for me.


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Here's a thought: Maybe all of the people who have SD reservations could keep them. Then get a "limo" be it a van or whatever and split the cost to be driven to LA. I know my daughter and her friends do this alot when they go out and it only costs them around 10.00 each, they can party, have fun and not worry about the whole drinking and driving thing.......just a thought

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I'm not able to go to the SD show, but I'd like to say that it's so nice for you to personally show your feelings for the cancellation. I know if I had planned on going, it would have been upsetting and your words would have made it alright with me.

I just can't say how much I enjoyed the NY city shows and the AC show. Perfect "10" to me.

Hope I get to see you guys again.


Joe smilesmile

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Thanks, Eric and Jim. We know the band cares.

If you want to play or do something a little different, how about your take on a Roy Orbison song? He was popular, even when he went to his recordings. I've read that people were so excited just to go to the music recording studio to hear him sing and play. They thought of it as an event.

Do you play some Funk music? Or, maybe on your next album. I can imagine the surprised look on people's faces. I think the 'trick' here is to go to the solo parts fast after the start, when it's live. Most people 'jam' later in the song. I tried it once, and it worked when one part, at least, was played off-key, and/or off the tempo of the normal melody.

Regardless of all that, it will be my first show. I think someone mentioned recording the show. And, don't forget, some backstage comments if you want, or a short interview on film. spin

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Having seen the fantastic shows on New Year's Eve and this summer in Waukesha, it is apparent that the momentum continues to build. A minor setback should not dampen our enthusiasm for the comeback players of the year, Raspberries. Eric's statement to the fans further cements my belief that this group is, and always have been, total class. Eric, Wally, Jim and Mr. Smalley should be immediately put into the Hall of Fame for their influence on other prominent acts, The Boss included. Keep on rockin' guys!!

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Thank you, Eric, for your reassuring personal message. We know that you, Jim, Wally, Dave and the Overdubs and crew have true affection for all of us. We see and feel it in everything you all do. When Raspberries appeared on that stage on November 27, 2004 in Cleveland, we knew it was for real.

I know there had to be a lot of adjustments made, obstacles overcome, substantial purchases and a myriad of other complicated sacrifices the band and crew have made behind the scenes that we can't even begin to know about. Those, too, show the absolute committment and dedication you've all shown to us. And as disappointed as we are, I'm sure you're even *more* disappointed.

But that's showbiz, and it's happened to the best of bands. And Raspberries *are* the best, and will continue to be so LONG after they set L.A. on its ear!

Thanks for expressing in words what we've known all along. We love you guys too.

smile --Darlene

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Do you play some Funk music? Or, maybe on your next album. I can imagine the surprised look on people's faces.

Funk? eekcrazy I could imagine the surprise on our faces ... the Berries are rock & roll!

Mike C., you need to listen to their albums! laugh

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Yes, Mam. I don't have The Berries recordings, but I will. I mentioned Funk, because I don't know who plays it. I rarely play it. But, I think it is a challenge and sometimes difficult to play. You can combine Rock and Classical music, Contemporary with Classical, Country with Rock; Blues with Rock, etc.

It can sound positive, and fun, when another style is included, and one instrument plays funk, rather than everyone through the whole song, and at the same time.

When I recorded a song in that style, some people who've recorded in the music business heard it. They both produce and play, and both are black. Mine was R&B, with Rock and Funk. It was near the end of the song, when I hoped they'd remember it. I played single notes on the keyboards fast, for about eight measures, and, out of the main key for those bars. The only other part was bending the bass line throughout the song, rather than playing a straight pure sound, because of that style of music.When I saw the look on their faces, I thought it stunk. Well, it did. And that's Funk. They told, "Man, you got the Funk". I knew, then, that I did it right on. cool

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It's a good thing LA and San Diego aren't that far apart and the shows were on back to back nights...everyone should be able to cut their losses somewhat...and you can be sure that the boys are going to put on the Show of Shows in LA to pay you back for your trouble! ..it will be the best show yet and I (as their new manager) guarantee it!!!!

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I've got to get that song, Money Down, Marvin.

I'm into the positive sounds a song can make, especially when good lyrics are combined.

On the radio,L.A. has alot of music styles(Rock, Jazz, Big Band, Salsa, Contemporary, Gospel, R&B, Country) and you could take one style on any song, let's say Country, and change it to Contemporary, Rock, or R&B. Then, change the lyrics, too, later.

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Mike I've always felt that "Money Down" could be funkified very nicely.


Yeah Marv, I hear it in Money Down too, but I just don't picture the Berries "funkifying" anything. Hey, have we created a new word?

hmmm ... Powerpopdafunk ... nawwww crazy

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Eric and Jim, thanks for writing such great heartfelt letters to us fans. You and the rest of the players AND the crew have total class. Marla and I are really looking forward to hearing you play again in Los Angeles. Rock On!!- - Al Chan

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Mike C., I believe that the guys are capable of doing funk.......the question is "can/do they want to do it on their own terms?"

By this, I mean, doing something a bit out of their element, NOT pretentious/phony, and still an extention of their own style

Good examples of this kind of stuff are:

"Straight On" by Heart.....when you really get down to it, this is a disco song....but it still sounds like Heart.

Same for the Commodores' "Easy"---really and truly, this is a COUNTRY song.

There are two notable Kiss songs "Beth"(the ballad) and "I Was Made For Loving You"(disco).

Led Zeppelin, not exactly a rockabilly band, did a song called "Hot Dog". Ditto for Queen on "Crazy Little thing Called Love".

Lot's of other similar examples....Kid Rock's

"Picture"......Robert Palmer's "Get it Through Your Heart".......Kool and the Gang's "Misled"..

......Chicago's "Terms of Two"......Olivia Newton John's "Totally Hot"......

So, getting songs of a style that is "out of your element" but at the same time, incorporating it into your style.

Yes, they can certainly do funk. Or country or blues. Or new age. Or whatever.........

Ultimately, it's up to the guys. If they feel inspired into doing it, by all means go for it.

Whatever it is. I trust Eric's musical judgement to do the right thing......

Is there such a thing as a funk power pop song? Yes. Many of us are Badfinger fans.......have you heard the song "Matted Spam"? If anything, that should be something that you'd expect the Iselys or Tower of Power to be doing.

Even the stripped down demo version("Park Ave." CD)with just basic guitar and no horns, still sounds like funk, although slower.

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Thank you Eric and Jim for your special note. It was so thoughtful and considerate. Words cannot adequately express how I feel. I have loved your music from the very minute I heard GATW, the words, the music, and the devotion to creating great music continued and grew over the years. We fans are so blessed with a fantastic group of guys who understand us, and actually care. It's so special and awesome. Thank you!


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