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Once upon a time, there were plenty of newsstand music publications to compete with Rolling Stone (remember Phonograph Record Magazine, Zoo World and The Music Gig?). They often covered on a regular basis acts not likely to be found in Rolling Stone's pages very often.

The Music Gig also had its own charts and the May 1976 issue has Eric's debut album at #24 (with the single "All By Myself" at #2). Inside, there's an article in the "Regional Updates" section on the Atlanta/Macon,Georgia, scene written by Jim Pettigrew (with a photo of Eric).

The article talks about the "new" 70-story Peachtree Hotel complex being "transformed into a veritable rock and roll loony bin during the recent five-day Radio & Records Convention" that involved all the major labels and many independents.

Pettigrew writes about the event and a number of "hospitality suites" with music "at peak volume." Amid the discussion about the various bands in various rooms, Pettigrew has this commentary:

"On the top floor, Clive Davis proudly ushered around Eric Carmen, who'd 'blown the Electric Ballroom apart' by an unprecedented three-encore set."

30 years ago, but still kind of neat!

Don smile

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Alex Cooley's - That's funny you mention that! When I attended StarzFest this past November in NJ featuring the hard rock band from the '70's - Starz, They told a story about Alex Cooley's. Back in 1976 they got booked to play Alex Cooley's to open for Blues Guitarist Albert King for 3 nights. They thought it was an unusual combination, but they didn't want to turn down a gig. Well, it lasted one night - The owner came up to them after the first night, told them they were "too fuc*&ng loud" and fired them. They did mention that Albert King was very nice to them though. After the Alex Cooley's experience they were paired up with bands more in their genre: Foghat, Kiss, Ted Nugent, Frampton, Styx, etc...

Eric: Were there any really unusual pairings for the Raspberries or for your solo shows?


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There are no really good music magazines anymore. Rolling Stone is more like a variation of People magazine nowadays. ICE magazine which detaled new and upcoming releases has ceased publication after 20 years. I've been buying Blender, but if they print one more friggin' picture or article on Paris Hilton I'm gonna SCREAM!!!!


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Tim, I was thinking newspaper-styled publications in my original post, but I loved the magazines like Circus and Rock Scene, which always covered Raspberries. Lisa Robinson and Rock Scene used to cover all the Cleveland bands under headings of "The New Liverpool," and Ed Naha's articles in Circus on Raspberries were always among the best coverage done on the band.

It was neat in those days. Seeing Raspberries on the cover of Hit Parader (November 1973 issue, but it was on newsstands in September) was fantastic. And to have Bob Gruen (who shot the famous John Lennon "New York t-shirt" photo) photograph Raspberries for Hit Parader's cover was cool, too (and his shots on the original inner sleeve of "Side 3" are great).

The issue of Rolling Stone that reviewed "Starting Over" in 1974 was the first one I remember that also had its staff comparing songs in other reviews of albums to Raspberries. Their reviewers seemed to have finally "gotten it" and were saying this song by Fleetwood Mac sounded like Raspberries or how much better a song by Paper Lace would sound if done by Raspberries. Those were the days.

Poor4life, I wasn't aware ICE had stopped publication. That is sad. And you nailed it about music publications today.

Eric, I can only imagine what it was like to be ushered around by Clive Davis to meet all the "faces" at that venue. I remember an article written about a mid-1960s Beatles party where John Lennon (my press law professor had me read this!), apparently tired of being ushered around to meet hundreds of "important" people whose names he knew he'd never remember, started mumbling, "Yes, face. Thank you, face," to people (must haven driven the folks at Capitol Records nuts!)...

Don smile

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