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Time for everyone to "Spread the Message"


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I belong to a couple of other newsgroups (Springsteen, Beach Boys, Badfinger, Eagles...), and I just sent messages out to everyone on the lists about "Raspberries Live on Sunset Strip." I directed them to the Raspberries website for details/ordering.


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Good topic, Marvin.

A neat way would be if the merchandising team could create a downloadable poster or flyer advertsing the album's upcoming release that fans could print and download off our computers --- then we could act as a street team wherever we live and "Get The Message" to the bulletin boards of local record stores.

Most independent record stores worth their salt have little bulletin boards where bands and others can post things for free, so if you put up a flyer on the wall and then sat down some flyers for people to pick up (near where people pick up the local free music newsletters and such) with info on the websites, and which drops names (like quotes from the stars quoted on the official website about the band), you could spread the message pretty easily to people whose curiousity might cause them to find out more.

Simple, cheap promotion, but it might pay off. I'm hoping the news about Springsteen's liner notes and the John Lennon in a Raspberries sweatshirt photo that's in the album's CD booklet will generate some pre-orders at retail (it would be great if the guys could actually chart the debut week based on pre-orders).

The people leaving comments on my Epinions.Com review indicate that when people find out that Springsteen and Lennon love the band, they are now giving the band a second look.

Don Krider smile

My review:


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I just called a couple of radio stations and requested that they play "Go All The Way" and of course mentioned to the DJ that the Berries have a new album out after 30+ years and what the band website was. I was suprised that one radio station that plays "classic" rock and roll didn't have the Berries in the rotation at all but they would play it for me. Do they not fall into the "classic" genre? All of the DJ's that I talked to were big fans of the Raspberries - one actually knew about the release but didn't know about the date, etc.

Was this what we're going for?


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Has anyone sent a copy to Mike Marrone the PD at The Loft on XM?

Mike's a fan who has registered an account here. I've heard him play "Overnight" a few times and I'd bet he'd give the CD some play and include it their weekly new music show.

Also send one to the Deep Tracks channel. They play a pretty eclectic mix including new music from "classic" bands. I've even heard them play cuts from the last new Michael Stanley albums the past several years.

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