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WKLH Classic Hits


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WKLH is the most listened to rock radio station in Milwaukee. Their format is "Classic Hits" which unfortuneately would not include The Raspberries in their normal Rock programming.

So this morning, I'm listening, and they're playing the Rapper by the Jaggerz. Huh ????

So I sent an e-mail:

Hi Marilynn,

Any chance of playing "Go All The Way" by The Raspberries. Just saw them 3 times during their Reunion Tour and they really Rock !

Her response:

Ohmagosh....!!!! I LOVE The Raspberries!!!!! I have the Best Of (Rhino Records) on CD and listen to it all the time!!!! I was soooo in love with Eric Carmen!!! I might have to beg my boss to let me play your request...I promise I'll do my best!!! Thanks for listening...YOU ROCK!!!!!


So, an hour later I'm driving down the road and she reads my e-mail on the air and proceeds to play "Go All The Way". I got goosebumps!

Well, I had to Thank her:

Dear Marilynn,

Thanks for playing my request. As you know The Raspberries are a really great Power Pop Rock Band. They were/are admired by many musicians including John Lennon, Bruce Springsteen, Jon Bon Jovi, etc. In fact when we saw them in NYC, Jon Bon Jovi was in the audience...Paul Stanley was there when we saw them in L.A. Springsteen recommends listening to/buying their CD's at his concerts (including his Milwaukee show). Be forewarned, now that I know you'll play "Go All the Way" there will be future requests for songs such as "I Wanna Be With You", "I'm a Rocker", "Tonight", "Overnight Sensation"....you know what I mean. If you ever have a chance to see The Raspberries live, don't pass it up, they'll blow you away.

P.S. Eric is still Hot.

WKLH is truly a great radio station, and Marilynn....You Rock !!!!

Cross my Heart and Hope to go to another Raspberries Concert, I haven't requested a song on the radio since I was about 16.

Moral of the story: Ask nice and you'll receive.

Or maybe it's:

Act 16 ?

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Nice story.Marilynn sounded like you reminded her of something she forgot.How do you play music on the radio for a living -Classic Hits-no less-and never have thought on your own to suggest to your boss playing one of your favorite albums that MIGHT(?) fit the format. P.S. "The Rapper"-SHEESH! Thanks again-you did a good deed Julesberry.-Ira.

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Hello julesberry,

I listen to WKLH all of the time!

Last July I was on the staion as a guest DJ as part of their "Hey Mom, I'm on 'KLH" promotion. I got to pick an hours worth of music and talk a little between songs. I had to bring my own CD to the studio, but one of the songs I played was "Tonight" by the Raspberries! I introduced the song by explaining that the Raspberries first album was the first album I owned, and I've been a lifelong fan. I chose "Tonight" because I figured that it hadn't been played on the radio for quite some time, and it's one of my favorites. If I only new then that I would be able to see them live 6 months later - I would have played an hour of straight Raspberries!! happy

I was given a tape of my hour on the radio, and I listen to it now and again.

Thanks for getting them to play "Go All The Way"!


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I'm wondering how many people were out there listening, thinking....Oh Yeah..The Raspberries...I remember that song...I love that song. I'm hoping it will re "Fresh" their memories and others will start requesting Raspberries songs. I wonder if they had the CD in studio or if Marilynn ran out to her car for her copy. Tonight is one of my favorites also, and will probably be my next request. I'd love to guest DJ, I'll bet it was a blast. I think the waiting list is over a year long though.

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Julesberry, What a TERRIFIC story! Marilynn is probably told what she can play and what she can't by her not-too-savvy boss. I think it's FANTASTIC that she played it, and a great coup for Raspberries.

Tim's story is also TERRIFIC! With guys like you two, the whole WKLH listening area will soon get turned on to the Berries!!!! VERY BERRY well done!

smile --Darlene

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